Music with the TigerFox® Immerse 360®

How to Transform Your Music into Best-Quality Full-Surround Experiences

TigerFox’s® Immerse 360® delivers the authentic experience of
live three-dimensional music.

The Immerse 360 outperforms even the most advanced:

  • Headphones 
  • Loudspeaker technology 
  • Surround sound systems 
  • Even professional $100,000 listening rooms

Although the TigerFox Immerse 360 uses the same content, formats and sound signals as used by these music playback options – its new pure acoustic technology transforms your music into three true dimensions in a new and more accurate and realistic way.

Here’s some of the ways the TigerFox Immerse 360 upgrades your music experience. It gives you:

  1. The intimate sensation of experiencing live music being accurately presented 360-degrees around you.
  2. The enjoyment of discovering newly-revealed details in your music you’ve never heard before.
  3. The ability to clearly pinpoint each music detail around you with true direction and distance within a real three dimensional sound field.  

The most advanced headphones, surround sound systems and even high-performance audiophile listening rooms, as good as they are, often reduce the immersive realism and enjoyment of one’s overall music listening experience.

Both headphones and loudspeakers suffer from artificial sound playback limitations

Even though headphones, loudspeakers and the TigerFox Immerse 360 pod use essentially the same music content and sound sources, their sound reproduction technologies reproduce and deliver music content very differently.  

As a result, music played through them also sounds different. 

Both headphones and loudspeakers have their own unique set of sound quality and music realism advantages – and their own set of unique limitations.

What you need to know about HEADPHONES 

Headphones provide the practical advantages of lightness of weight, hands-free attachment to the head, and nearby sound attenuation.

However, due to their structural design, headphones also have an equal number of music reproduction problems that limit, sometimes significantly, the credibility, three-dimensional realism, and live sound immersion of one’s music. 

Headphones rely on audio illusions – not spatial reality – to trick your brain 

Sounds produced by headphones are positioned around you unlike natural sounds, live sounds and real-life hearing.

For example, spatially-true sounds produced by headphones are limited to only sounds that actually physically occur very close to one’s ears.    

  • Example: the buzz of a fly near to one’s ear.
  • Or a hair-cutting tool physically-located next to one’s ear.
Headphones limit sounds to be physically positioned only around one's ears. Not immersively around one's entire body like real life.

Spatially-accurate headphone-reproduced sounds are limited to sounds that occur very close to one’s ears only. 

For all other sounds, instead of delivering spatial truth, headphones use your brain to create an illusion of spatial positioning those sounds around you. 

The brain is needed to artificially expand the location of sounds in headphone technology because of headphone’s very small speaker size and their positioning of sounds unnaturally very near to one’s ear.

For example, headphones do not and cannot factually position sounds:

  • At any real physical distance, depth, direction or angle away from the headphone user’s ears.
  • At any real physical location straight in front of – or behind – the headphone user.
  • At any real physical height above or below the headphone user, including directly over the user’s head.

The Immerse 360 is like experiencing natural live sound

Music played through headphones misses important components of live sound 

Headphone’s design limitations prevent listeners from being able to experience music like a real surrounding sound field experience.  This includes the attenuation of music’s natural:

  • Realism 
  • Sound positioning accuracy 
  • Ambient environmental details
  • Full-body encircling sound immersion 

Most sounds produced by headphones are unlike natural sounds, live positioned sounds, and real-life hearing.

The TigerFox Immerse 360 transforms the limitations of headphones and harnesses the realism, positioning accuracy and total immersion of live music.

See “A Little Background On Headphones” page.

What you need to know about your LOUDSPEAKERS

All loudspeakers, including those in high-performance listening rooms, lose and degrade up to 98% of your music’s sound, sound information, and sound energy on the journey to your ears. 

In any room, up to 98% of all music emitted from loudspeakers is either lost, absorbed away, or becomes irreparably damaged before you even hear it.

This is caused by the serious electronic sound reproduction problems of: 

  • Crosstalk
  • Speaker-Room-Interaction
  • Fragmented and off-frequency sounds
  • Sound-delayed and out-of-sync sounds
  • Speaker’s uncontrolled sound loss into the room 

that have not corrected since loudspeakers were first invented. 

Nearly ALL sound from speakers MISSES the listener’s ears and becomes lost or damaged in the surrounding room. 

What you LOSE from loudspeakers will shock you: 

What you lose from loudspeakers before the their sound even reaches you includes: 

  • The loss of audio quality and high-resolution music sound performance 
  • Most of the spatial and positional components of live music
  • The natural ambient feeling and true hemispherical immersion of live music physically happening around you in real time. 

The loss and damage of loudspeaker sound is a total surprise to most because it happens before the sound is even heard.

How this loss occurs is demonstrated in the above side-by-side comparison.

The TigerFox Immerse 360 BRIDGES the Sound Quality and Realism Gap Between Headphones and Loudspeakers

TigerFox Immerse 360 combines the best headphone and loudspeaker sound qualities without the acoustic limitations of either.

The TigerFox Immerse 360 corrects the large music sound quality gap between headphones and loudspeakers.

In the process, it delivers a high resolution live music experience 360-degrees around the listener, like natural-hearing and like nature intended us to experience best quality music and the world.

Instead of hearing your favorite music content between your ears like headphones or linearly in front of you like loudspeakers, you’re now given a genuine live sound music experience that physically surrounds you on all sides. 

360-Degree “Super Sweet Spot” with an infinite number of individual sound point locations

By using pure acoustics to solve multiple sound reproduction problems, the Immerse 360 provides the audio advantages of both headphones and loudspeakers, without assuming the acoustic disadvantages of either.

The TigerFox Immerse 360’s “Super Sweet Spot” surrounds users with accurately-positioned ultra high immersive 3D audio sound.

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In simple terms, this means the Immerse 360 COMBINES:

  • The advanced performance spaces that were previously restricted to special audio HEADPHONES that normally do not work well with loudspeakers.

For example, special spatial recording mic techniques like binaural, “dummy head” and sound-to-ear recordings, and special headphone only playback techniques and devices that use head related transfer functions (HRTFs), etc.


  • The palpably-real feeling and immersive presence of natural live music, room-filling expanded soundscapes, speaker selection options and the live sound advantages of LOUDSPEAKERS that headphones are physically incapable of delivering.

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How this affects your music. 

Joyful person with thumbs up because the Immerse 360 and its full surround soundscape improves his music, game and movie experiences

The Sensation of a Live Sound Experience

TigerFox delivers the components of LIVE SOUND – to quality improve your music  

By correcting five previously unsolvable electronic-based sound playback limitations, the Immerse 360 provides the best quality music experiences of both headphones and loudspeakers. 

In addition, it also adds the missing spatial and full-surround ambient components of live sound not able to be reproduced by either headphones or loudspeakers.

These include: 

1. The genuine quality and sensation of live music physically happening 360-degrees around you in a natural, realistic, and fully-immersive way.

2. The ability to clearly pinpoint the exact location of each individual music sound, note and nuance in every direction and distance around you with ultra-high precision. 

  • Individual music sounds are distinctly separated-apart and time-line synchronized in real time.
  • They’re then delivered at their accurate physical location, direction and distance from you with pinpoint position as created by the original music event or sound engineer

3.  The enjoyment of experiencing high-resolution full-surround music from your favorite music content and sources with unexpected clarity and realism.

  • This includes newly-revealed details, micro nuances and three-dimensional ambient information missed by other technologies. 

4.  The intimate full-surround ambient sense of being actually physically present inside the live music space of your favorite music and its different surrounding soundscapes in their full three-dimensional size.

All using only two conventional speakers, even ones you already own. 

The result makes your music come-alive around you like a real live sound experience.

The TigerFox® Immerse 360® uses pure acoustic power to harness the infinite possibilities of sound.

TigerFox’s full-surround soundboard design delivers a high-res surround sound experience with pinpoint sound and total immersion

This pinpoint positions every music sound, note,

and nuance around you at its 

Exact. Physical. Location. 

The result automatically upgrades your music’s audio quality, sound positioning accuracy and realism up to the performance level of live sound.

Get ready for total three-dimensional immersion.

The Immerse 360 transforms your music into full-surround three-dimensional experiences using just TWO speakers

The TigerFox®Immerse 360® preserves and delivers the truthful full surround music presentation as it was originally recorded and produced

And it does this before the music information is lost, obscured or damaged during the conventional sound reproduction process.

  • Each sound and nuance is physically positioned around the listener, creating an enveloping tapestry of three dimensional sound
  • More than 30 different music tracks and up to hundreds of music sounds at the same time are individually separated by the Immerse 360 and can be audibly followed simultaneously at their different spatial locations around the listener.

The TigerFox®Immerse 360® preserves and delivers the original FULL SURROUND music presentation.

Normally, to achieve this level of ultra-high-performance music sound quality and precision nuance positioning, one needs to deal with the complexities and often high costs of setting up either an audiophile quality listening room or an elaborate surround sound system. 

However, these can be extremely complex and prohibitively expensive with:

  • Complicated wiring 
  • Numbers of surround sound speakers  
  • Added electronic hardware 

that can take up a whole room and permanent space in one’s home or apartment.   

This is where the Immerse 360 becomes so valuable. 

The TigerFox Immerse 360, along with just two speakers replaces the entire surround sound setup, while delivering everything a traditional surround sound system can do and more.

TigerFox replaces an entire surround sound setup

TigerFox technology and Immerse 360 design eliminates complexity, cost, room space requirements traditionally associated with surround sound systems like 5.1, 7.1, etc while delivering a holographically-improved surround sound result.

Using just two speakers, every sound from even everyday conventional recorded music can each be experienced in their exact prescribed 360-degree locations around the listener. 

This includes specially-recorded multi-channel surround sound music, movies, video games and live over-the-air broadcasts.

Removes these 10 complex and expensive surround sound pain points:

  • No required surround-sound speakers, no center channel speaker and no special array system speakers
  • No surround sound wires, cables and cords 
  • No new, complex or special surround-sound hardware or electronics
  • No special surround-sound boxes or power amplifiers
  • No new surround-sound file formats, media or content required
  • No lengthly or confusing “surround sound” set-up requirements, no measurements or guesswork, no tools, no hassles, and no wasted time.  
  • No special high performance separate “dedicated” music listening room required to achieve professional-level music listening results
  • No sound absorbers or other acoustic room treatments are needed, for example, to control or reduce the acoustic problems of the surrounding room
  • No installation requirement of surround-sound speakers, surround sound speaker wires, equipment or connecting cables
  • No need to purchase special surround sound content, sound sources or components – no hidden surround-sound expenses or additional costs. 

The result upgrades all types, quality levels, and formats of your music content and sources up to a realism and immersion level that’s beyond what other acoustic technologies can physically deliver. 

Welcome to an entirely new category of patented high-performance three-dimensional sound experience that surrounds you on all sides transporting you inside the music event itself – so you can ENJOY your music MORE.

“I was not expecting this dramatic of a difference”

“This improves the entire experience”

Mick S.  Music Producer

Forward and backward compatibility 

Forward and backward compatibility with virtually all audio formats, software, and sources.

Because the Immerse 360 itself is 100% pure acoustic-powered and works its acoustic improvements after the sound completely exits the loudspeaker, it does not touch or interfere with any electronic content or sources that connect before or as the sound information is sent to and through the loudspeaker.

This allows the Immerse 360 to be compatible with and work perfectly with virtually all music content, including video games and movies, regardless of format, source or age.

This means, unlike other audio technologies of the past, this new 3D full-surround acoustic technology doesn’t require special or limited sources, formats, hardware or content to immediately deliver its authentic three-dimensional full-surround acoustic experience. 

  • Your existing music, video game and movie content as-is are now fully-compatible and ready for immediate use with the Immerse 360.
  • This includes an unlimited availability of currently-existing and upcoming content, formats, and sound sources, as well as digital, analog, physical, streamed and downloaded content. 

Works perfectly with both conventional AND special audio formats, content and sources.

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The TigerFox® Immerse 360®  is compatible with conventional, commercial, and professional music content, formats and sources without needing updates, changes or added costs.

Immediately works with:  

  • Both conventional and special audio formats, content and sources
  • 3D audio, spatial audio, and 3D positional audio content and sources
  • Immersive audio, Immersive 3D audio content and sources
  • High-res audio, next-generation audio content and sources
  • Platform video games, console video games, PC games
  • Conventional and special surround sound audio.
  • Conventional and special audio formats, content and sources that were previously restricted to being experienced only through head worn devices like headphones.

Precision positions sounds from these and other sources in three dimensions around listener

With the Immerse 360, listeners can enjoy full 3D surround sound music, video games and movies from years ago just as easily as from the present

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Upgrades the quality and realism of your loudspeakers, content, sources, and electronics – everything in your playback system!

Because the Immerse 360 is a pure acoustic enhancing technology, it automatically upgrades the three dimensional sound quality, positioning accuracy, and live sound realism of not only your music content, but the music performance of your: 

  • Loudspeakers
  • All electronics attached to loudspeakers
  • And every sound, detail and nuance played through them.

Audiophile-level results now guaranteed even for novices

The pre-tested and pre-packaged Immerse 360 ties together every acoustic loose end to guarantee you a perfect music, video game and movie experience, even for novices.

For example, almost any speaker – including those you may already have – work perfectly with the Immerse 360. Here’s a sample:





Welcome to the NEXT GENERATION of Audiophile Music 

The following special audiophile music section is presented here as a separate linkable section with some content re-presented here to avoid professionals having to go back and forth within this document or on our website. 

This audiophile music information is also presented for audio consumers in pursuit of an ultra-high-quality full-sphere live sound music experience at an affordable cost and without the requirement to upgrade or pay extra for different or added music content or sources.

Most audiophiles remember how awe-struck they were the first time they heard true audiophile-level music

“Amazing!”  “Breathtaking!”  “Shocking!” are some of the words used to describe this exhilarating new experience.

Not knowing that such a level of sound clarity and quality could exist, many audiophiles are determined to recreate that experience in their own homes.

Obtaining audiophile quality sound is extremely complex, time-consuming and expensive.

Until now, the best quality music listening experiences have been severely restricted to only a fortunate and wealthy few.

TigerFox® pure acoustic Immerse 360® removes the pain points and prior barriers-of-entry to the high-end audiophile listening experience.

The result affordably delivers the best-quality full-surround music audio – making this rare experience affordable and available for everyone to enjoy, especially those who love music.

This is because the pure acoustic technology of the Immerse 360 solves and completely removes five serious electronic sound reproduction problems associated with loudspeakers, listening rooms, and surround sound systems that were not able to be removed by using prior electronic-only audio technologies. 

Solving these problems removes the complexity, time, and cost of obtaining high-performance audiophile level sound.

TigerFox solves five sound reproduction problems that remove the complexity, time, and cost of obtaining true audiophile quality results.

The patented breakthrough in using pure acoustics during the normal sound reproduction process not only solves these 5 electronic-related sound reproduction problems, but also delivers:

  • Higher quality audio
  • Enhanced realism and immersion 
  • A pinpoint accurate sound experience. 

Hear sounds with a more authentic presentation than the most elaborate audiophile listening room designs, even those costing over $200,000.

The TigerFox full-sphere holographic 3D audio experience includes:

  • Authentic pinpoint sound positioning. 
  • Lossless best quality and higher experienced sound resolution.
  • Real three-dimensional full surround audio playback.
  • The ability to clearly hear ambient sounds, locational cues, and important audio nuances that you never knew you were missing before.
  • The ability to use your current unchanged content and sources. 

The TigerFox® Immerse 360® sets up in under 3 minutes, is comparatively inexpensive, and doesn’t require a room-sized audiophile listening space.

This means that true audiophile-quality full-surround music can now be affordably enjoyed by almost anyone even with the audio music soundtracks you now have.

The audiophile listening room design – now acoustically improved – by the Immerse 360’s pure acoustic design!

The high-performance standard for the absolute best music playback in one’s own home, until now, has been the audiophile listening room design with it’s two high-end loudspeakers and supporting electronics.

It was recently discovered, however, that virtually all professional listening rooms, as good as they are, have multiple major sound reproduction problems, including:

  • Damage to the original quality, realism and authenticity of sound before you even hear it.
  • Loss of up to 98% of the sound, sound energy, and the live sound information within it.
  • Does not and cannot position individual sounds accurately around the listener.
  • Do not and cannot reproduce an authentic full-surround experience from existing stereo content and sources.

The truth is that all listening rooms, regardless of their cost and design, suffer from the universal sound reproduction problems of: 

  • Crosstalk 
  • Speaker-Room-Interaction 
  • Loss of up to 98% of loudspeakers’ sound. 
  • Unavoidable mixing-in of out-of-sync, off-frequency, and damaged sound fragments 
  • The inability to reproduce accurate surround sound music from unaltered two-channel stereo content or sources.

These sound reproduction problems – and how the Immerse 360 corrects them – are detailed in Principle #2 on theHow is this Possible?page.

Loudspeakers uncontrollably lose up to 98% of their sound into the surrounding room, with only about 2% of the sound DIRECTLY reaching the listener

The result is a loss of audio quality, realism, positioning accuracy and natural full-surround immersion.

These playback obstacles limit even the best listening room designs – and the audiophile experience – to providing only a front-of-the-listener “sound stage” experience. 

This means music sounds are only heard from the approximate physical locations of the two loudspeakers* that are only positioned in front of the listener in audiophile listening rooms.

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  • Note: The best audiophile listening rooms traditionally use only two electronic sound signals, two conventional loudspeakers, and the least number of electronic components and connections possible in order to deliver the best possible acoustic results. 

Why are only two of everything used by the best audiophile listening rooms?  

Because adding more than two loudspeakers, components, connections and electronics tends to reduce performance and adds to the difficulty, complexity and cost. 

  • Unlike audiophile listening rooms, live music positions individual instruments, vocalists, and room acoustics around the listener at their actual 360-degree sound source locations.

Presently, sounds are only heard from the approximate locations of loudspeakers.

  • This means that, except for sounds that actually occur in front of the listener’s location, even a $200,000 audiophile listening room is not capable of reproducing sounds accurately around the listener with authenticity or positioning accuracy.

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For these reasons, most sounds reproduced in audiophile listening rooms are not a real world experience, as they end-up being congested and squeezed-together in front of the listener.  The sounds lose their realism and cannot come from their true individual and 360-degree sound source locations. 

Learn more in our Pro-Audio page. 

TigerFox Delivers the REAL Audiophile Experience – In Three Physically-Real Dimensions 

The patented technology of the TigerFox Immerse 360 transforms the highly-complex audiophile listening room experience into a full-sphere holographic 3D sound experience with:

1.  Better sound quality  

2.  Exact sound positioning accuracy

3.  Unprecedented realism 

4.  Authentic 360-degree immersion 

5.  Retention of live sound ambient details 

6.  Zero added latency 

7. Without needing to upgrade your content or sources    

Audiophiles – get ready to experience a whole new category ofpure authentically delivered three-dimensional music with the full-surround immersion of a live sound experience

The TigerFox Immerse 360 represents a paradigm shift in audiophile excellence that corrects long-held beliefs and assumptions about the: 

  • Production
  • Quality
  • Purity
  • Realism 
  • Positional Accuracy 
  • Immersion 
  • Three-Dimensional Reproduction

of Stereo Sound, Surround Sound, 360-Degree Immersive Sound, Spatial Audio, and High-Performance 3D Audio, (including all other audio formats, content and sources).

Unlike traditional audiophile listening rooms, the Immerse 360 authentically materializes the playback of the original music event 360-degrees around the listener.

It’s just like the sensation of a live sound experience.

And the Immerse 360 accomplishes this easily and inexpensively using one’s current music content and sound sources (no upgrades needed!).

Patented electricity-free design 

The TigerFox Immerse 360 is uniquely different from traditional audiophile listening room designs because it precision controls the sound after it leaves the speakers and all the way to the listener. 

This preserves the original sound, keeps it intact, and does not allow it to become lost, fragmented or damage the original sound. 

The result substantially improves the quality, realism and authenticity of the original sound and adds, for the first time, natural full-surround immersion to the listener’s experience.

TigerFox adds the components of live sound into your music experience

The patented design of the TigerFox Immerse 360 automatically removes the multiple electronics-related sound reproduction problems that damage the quality, realism, authenticity, and original resolution of your music.  

The result is you can now clearly hear those critically important sound notes and nuances that you never heard before.  

Instead of relying on electronics alone, the patented Immerse 360 utilizes 100% pure and flawlessly-perfect acoustical physics technology consisting of natural non-electronic:

  • Complete elimination of the damaging crosstalk and the surrounding room effect.
  • Total three-dimensional immersion within the music’s original 360-degree soundscape 
  • Double-ellipse sound control of speaker’s distribution pattern 
  • Use of symmetrically-perfect time-aligned reflectometry to within 1 centimeter to accurately position all sounds around the listener in real time
  • Utilization of advanced musical instrument surrounding soundboard technology to dramatically enhance the original pure resolution of music content and the natural sound heard from the speakers.

This recovers, and exactly 360-degree positions, every sound around the listener – delivering sounds: 

  • In ultra-high-resolution and definition
  • With three live sound dimensions 
  • Exactly positioned in their accurate true locations 
  • With zero time delay 
TigerFox’s patented soundboard enclosure upgrades your music, game and music experience with zero added latency

Flawless elliptical physics integrity  

The Immerse 360 surpasses the limitations of electronic and stereo playback technology, audiophile music content delivery, and current listening room designs. 

3D surround sounds are captured during virtually all audio production but lost during reproduction. TigerFox recovers 3D audio

The result delivers a fully-integrated tapestry of vastly improved sound, synchronized in real-time, and delivered physically around the listener in three dimensions.

The Immerse 360 re-invents and re-establishes the integrity of audio and stereo sound reproduction at the foundational level.

Music playback can now include the three-dimensional qualities of natural live sound, 360-degree soundscapes, and the pinpoint accurate placement of each and every sound in real time.


The special problems of reproducing music in audiophile level “surround sound”

High-performance “surround sound”, spatial audio and full surround music playback is increasingly desired by audiophiles who crave a more realistic three-dimensional or 360-degree music experience.

Over the years, many different electronic solutions have tried to imitate a three dimensional music experience.

The general term “surround sound” has been associated with placing 5 to 9 speakers around one’s room and with a separate sound signal and wire going to each speaker as a solution to providing a three dimensional music experience.

All forms of “surround sound” music have been very difficult to reproduce at audiophile level quality

While the solution of adding more electronic speakers may seem simple, it is even more complicated, expensive and disappointing for audiophiles who attempt to experience high-performance three dimensional music that combines the best qualities of:

  1. The audiophile listening room
  2. High-performance surround sound

into one seamless high-performance surround sound music playback package.

Among other quality limitations, this difficulty is because:

1.  Surround sound requires music to be broken up into individual mono sounds. 

  • “Surround sound” was originally designed for non music sound objects for movies and theaters.

2. The two-loudspeaker system used in the best audiophile listening room designs (excluding the TigerFox Immerse 360), is not capable of reproducing “surround sound” music playback. 

3. Reproducing music, regardless of type, quality level or cost, is exponentially more difficult to authentically reproduce in “surround sound”even when played back in a $200,000 audiophile listening room 

4. The ability to reproduce music in surround sound often excludes the playback of many conventional music sources like: 

  • Music originally recorded in stereo (which is most music recorded over the last 60 years)
  • All non-surround sound audio formats 
  • Legacy recordings that haven’t been specially reformatted.

Without purchasing specially formatted music, the surround sound effect won’t work with conventional stereo content or one’s library of favorite conventional music recordings.

As a result, the ability for high end music to be played back in authentic and accurate 360-degree “surround sound” has not been a reality for audiophiles.

TigerFox combines the best qualities of audiophile listening rooms and surround sound systems

Using a revolutionary-new wireless acoustic design, the TigerFox Immerse 360 combines the best qualities of both the time-honored audiophile listening room and the latest surround sound systems without the acoustic limitations of either.

Affordably REPLACE an entire surround sound system 

Surround sound systems and their complex, time-consuming and expensive electronics, setup and space are not needed anymore.

Just two stereo speakers and the Immerse 360’s pure acoustic delivery design replace any number of surround sound speakers, their wiring requirements, and room set up, including the need for a center channel.

Experience now for the first time:

  • Full surround 3D audio playback from only two conventional loudspeakers 
  • Every music sound, note and nuance perfectly synchronized to physically arrive at its exact 360º pinpoint location, direction, distance and elevation.
  • All your stereo music as it was originally recorded and produced – now authentically presented all around you as a real three-dimensional full-surround experience.
Every sound, note, and nuance is perfectly synchronized to arrive around you at its exact physical location in real time and from your original unaltered content.

Every music detail as originally produced is exactly positioned around the listener at its accurate pinpoint physical location.

The Immerse 360 creates spatially-accurate 360-degree soundscapes with the sensation of live sound by stopping and correcting multiple high-performance sound reproduction problems. 

Gain a $100,000 audiophile level experience for under $500!

The TigerFox Immerse 360 delivers the next generation of audiophile music in 3D “surround sound” with an extended spatial category of total immersion.  

Hear the authentic components of live sound missing from other audio technologies, such as:

  • The  accurate location and distance of each individual musician, and all instruments and vocals surrounding you.
  • The space between surrounding sound objects
  • The natural ambient reverberation decay of individual sounds within their natural surroundings  
  • Low-level ambient cues, micro details and acoustic nuances that couldn’t be heard before with other audio technologies
  • The live performance space contained within your music pinpoint positioned around you in real time as a whole acoustic entity. 

The result envelopes you within the sensation of the original live music experience – pulling you naturally within the experience, and keeping you there – like nothing before.

Unmatched Compatibility

And the best part is, the Immerse 360 works perfectly with: 

  • Your favorite music collection
  • Off the-shelf music  
  • All stereo music
  • Specially-encoded surround sound music formats
  • Vinyl, analog and digital-based music
  • Music from any streamed source. 

The Immerse 360 bypasses the content limitations of traditional stereo, surround sound, and audiophile listening rooms.

Use virtually any type, age, or format of music content and source – with no required updates, additions, or added costs. 

No Obsolescence 

Unlike the discouragement and limited-life built into literally all electronic technology, TigerFox Immerse 360 does not have a built-in obsolescence. 

Due to its pure acoustic design and function, its useful life will continue-on long after electronic equipment stops working, becomes obsolete, and loses its value.

  • Because it isn’t directly connected to, or physically dependent on electricity, it will work just as good in the future as it works now.
  • This means it will retain its value over time.

Breaking the affordability barrier that prevents most from obtaining true audiophile quality sound

To the detriment of music lovers, the current reality requires a substantial increase in cost to gain only an incremental improvement in audiophile music sound quality.

And the expenditures for sound quality improvements never seem to end or be enough to gain the absolute best audio quality.

Obtain true audiophile-level sound 360-degrees around the listener and in three real dimensions for an unprecedented quality music listening experience for $479.

The TigerFox Immerse 360 breaks the cost and confusion barrier that keeps most listeners out of the audiophile world and reverses – once and for all – the never-ending high cost – small improvement pitfall of the high-end audio industry.  

  • Rather than requiring a substantial cost to gain an incremental improvement in sound quality, for a one-time cost of $479, the TigerFox Immerse 360 provides music listeners everywhere with an exponential gain not only in audiophile sound quality, but in an unprecedented 3D music listening experience. Learn more at: What is High Resolution? (The “High Res” Controversy)
  • And the Immerse 360 extends this gain in audio quality benefit to one’s speakers and to virtually all connected playback content and electronics. 

Just how good is it? 

It’s not uncommon to: 

  • Be totally surprised to hear familiar legacy soundtracks that you’ve literally heard 1,000 times before with new levels of sound and detailed nuances never heard before. 
  • Reveal and experience previously hidden sounds in vintage soundtracks produced 60 or more years ago that couldn’t be heard in three physically-real dimensions until now.

Discover what’s been missing from your music

Need more proof? Listen to the owner of Fidelity Magazine explain his experience with the TigerFox Immerse 360.

I Want One!

Ingo Schulz, Owner of Fidelity Magazine

That’s what the TigerFox® Immerse 360® is all about.  

It provides the most natural, realistic, accurate, and immersive audio experience for high-performance 360-degree music playback. 

Experience the TigerFox® Immerse 360® For Yourself

Try-out the actual experience with a risk-free 60-day trial.

During our product rollout, we’re including continental US free shipping direct to your home or business.

If you’re a serious music enthusiast, a professional music creator or sound mixer, here’s a chance for you to experience the extraordinary magic that you’ve been missing from your music, music content and sources.

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TigerFox® guarantees a breathtaking full-surround
immersion experience that’s FAR more engaging
and real than any other audio technology.