Professional Audio with the TigerFox® Immerse 360

Like a $100,000 listening room. I Want One!

Ingo Schulz, Owner of Fidelity Magazine

360-Degree Playback of Immersive Audio Recordings Without the Cost of SurroundSound

The pure acoustic TigerFox® Immerse 360® allows professionals to check the three dimensional quality, positioning accuracy and realism of immersive audio mixes and recordings quickly, easily and inexpensively. Here’s how:

Here’s an overview of this new pure acoustic immersive audio technology

First, it allows mixers, artists, their fans, professional clients and the general public to experience the magic engineered into immersive audio mixes and recordings without the high cost, complexity, and setup needs that are normally required to accurately playback spatially immersive audio content.

Instead of the need to position surround sound speakers around a listener and use complex electronics, the new pure acoustic TigerFox Immerse 360 sound pod uses flawless acoustical physics to reproduce accurate immersive audio recordings and mixes around the listener in real time.

Even legacy recordings going back 50 years are spatially reproduced accurately around the listener with the original recorded spatial details intact. It also allows now obsolete 2 channel equipment to playback the spatial information built into original recordings.

In comparative performance, this portable little pure-acoustic immersive audio reproduction pod outperforms the best headphones and directly competes with $100,000 listening rooms for true three-dimensional sound field realism, sound positioning accuracy (including improved distance, overhead and straight-in-back sound field positioning)..

Because it utilizes electronic-free pure acoustics that doesn’t touch or interfere with the sound signals or the electronics, This means it’s automatically compatible with virtually all types and formats of immersive audio media and content, including 360 audio, spatial audio, 3D audio, immersive 360-degree stereo, surround sound (all types, speaker counts, and formats), special immersive “headphone only” content and future-released object-based formats. The result is the realistic positioning of immersive audio content around the listener within a true hemispherical three-dimensional sound field.

Immersive audio sounds and their nuanced ambient details are clearly and accurately placed physically around the listener at their correct sound field locations including their direction, distance, height and movement from and around the listener.

All this using only two standard speakers and optional subwoofers which are user interchangeable.

These results , however, (with emphasis) are not intuitively recognized or able to be aurally experienced by either reading about this newly discovered technology or by studying the acoustical physics background presented here and in our issued patents that make this special phenomenon happenn.

That is why we’re providing a special 60 day trial period.

Music industry leaders, however, who have experienced the Immerse 360 first-hand, including in direct A/B listening tests clearly relate that the Immerse 360 surprisingly outperforms headphone technology and even high-performance listening rooms for spatial playback. (Industry leader experiences with the Immerse 360 are documented and can be referenced on the home page of our website.)

Immersive recordings heard in the pure acoustic Immerse 360 allows the original immersive sound field to be experienced around the listener as it was originally spatially produced. This is what we promise to the industry and to the listener.

Pinpoint positions all immersive audio sounds around the listener at their exact locations

Each sound, for example for a competitive video gamer, is clearly pin-point positioned at its accurate direction, distance, height and movement around the gamer in real time

The Immerse 360 is now available for purchase.

Traditional sound reproduction problems – and how the Immerse 360 helps corrects them using precision acoustical physics.

Crosstalk and Speaker-Room-Interaction Damage Spatial Recording Playback Far More Than Currently Understood and Expected

The universal loudspeaker problems of Crosstalk and the release of massive quantities of uncontrolled indirect sound into the playback room make it almost impossible for a two speaker sound reproduction system to reproduce the spatial position of immersive audio sounds.

Here’s a visual view of Crosstalk

Sound-Damaging Crosstalk

Crosstalk is the hi-res sound damage due to time lag of loudspeaker sound going to our two ears on opposite sides of our head.

TigerFox cancels the aural confusion caused by Crosstalk

Speaker-Room Interaction (Listening Room Problems)

TigerFox Stops Speaker-Room Interaction

Up to this point – it’s been all but impossible to separate out the added foreign sounds (from Crosstalk and the room, for example) from the real sounds in immersive mixes.

  • What happens is speaker Crosstalk and Speaker-Room-Interaction from two speakers introduce huge quantities of foreign sounds and sound fragments into the original mix during the sound reproduction process.

Left is a room without the Immerse 360. Right is with the Immerse 360.

  • Each corrupted sound and fragment is slightly different in different rooms.

These invisibly and powerfully add out-of sync sounds into the mix with conflicting sound signatures and at different frequency levels.

Using stereo loudspeaker systems, it hasn’t been previously possible to strip these added and foreign sounds out and away from the actual sounds in the mix.  

Combining the flawless application of acoustical physics with modern electronics

For the first time in the history of two channel recordings, TigerFox provides an audio system that integrates its patented double ellipse acoustic design with modern electronics. 

The result automatically corrects five previously difficult to correct electronic sound reproduction problems (all five are fully explained in Principle #2 on our Tech page). Caution: There is far more information on this page than needed by most professionals. It also is in a constant state of adjustment in the attempt to accurately explain this technology that is not only new to the industry but new to us as well.

Both DIRECT and INDIRECT sound are combined perfectly together – giving you REAL Immersive audio

Here’s one way to explain this new technology: Instead of letting massive quantities of indirect sound (and the lost qualities within it) miss the ears of the listener, the Immerse 360’s elliptical physics design combines and integrates both the DIRECT Sound and the INDIRECT Sound together into one seamless three-dimensional full surround audio experience with zero sound time delay. 

Double Ellipse combined Direct + Indirect (8-2020) -01.png Flawless TigerFox patented soundboard acoustics is how to better experience music, video games and movies

TigerFox® seamlessly combines DIRECT and INDIRECT sound together to produce a physically-real 360-degree sound field around the listener with no added latency.


The Immerse 360 automatically removes: 

  • Sound corrupting loudspeaker Crosstalk.
  • Sound and sound energy lost into the surrounding room.
  • Sound-muddling Speaker-Room-Interaction. 
  • Confusing out-of-sync sound fragments. 
  • Audio-degrading reflective echoes. 
  • Off-timed and different frequency reverberations.
  • The confusion, time and expense of setting up a best quality sound reproduction room to evaluate and demonstrate immersive mixes.

This is a “must experience” phenomenon.

Added Professional Audio Information

For Reference: Known problems of mixing with two speakers in sound absorbing anechoic chambers and room-free environments 

Mixing with two loudspeakers in maximum sound absorbing anechoic chambers and outdoor sound dead environments remove the room effect and the differences between rooms but do not replace the loss of most of the speaker’s sound that is absorbed or lost.  

Nor do these solutions remove the problem of sound damaging loudspeaker Crosstalk confusion.

  • These standardization solutions do provide a room-effect-free result. 
  • However, in addition to these mixing options being expensive, cumbersome and rarely available, they discard large quantities of valuable playback information including many of the natural and immersive spatial components of pure live sound. 

The results of these standardization solutions, while being helpful, retain many of the limitations associated with electronic sound reproduction technologies that continue to make mixing, editing and playing back immersive audio using two speakers confusing, uncertain, and problematic. 

Sounds are congested together in front of the mixer when heard from two stereo loudspeakers alone

Another common sound reproduction problem that anechoic chamber and sound dead environment solutions have not been able to solve is the clustering of sounds around stereo speakers and in front of the listener instead of individually separated apart and authentically spread out around the listener and mixer in a realistic 360-degree space. 

This muddling together of sounds only in front of the listener makes it difficult to correctly hear and separate apart individual sounds in one’s mix when listening with stereo loudspeakers alone – especially immersive three-dimensional sound mixes. 

3D surround sounds are captured during virtually all audio production but lost during reproduction. TigerFox recovers 3D audio

The two loudspeakers completely DISAPPEAR as the sound source in the Immerse 360 

Because the TigerFox® technology and the Immerse 360® design simultaneously: 

  • Correct Crosstalk 
  • Stop loudspeakers from losing 98% of their sound 
  • Integrate Direct Sound and Indirect Sound seamlessly together in real time 
  • Prevent Speaker-Room-Interaction 

And when the Immerse 360 removes these combined serious sound reproduction problems from the sound reproduction process, one of the most amazing results is that the two loudspeakers used with the Immerse 360 virtually disappear during playback. And the acoustic location of your individual music, game and movie sounds are now clearly heard and experienced coming from their immersive mixed locations around the listener.

  • This significantly means that even though all sounds are physically reproduced from the 2 speakers located in front of you – you do not hear the sounds coming from the speaker locations any longer.
  • That is, you now clearly experience all sounds arriving – not from the speaker locations – but critically – acoustically correctly – from their original individual locations around you like they did in the original experience. 
  • This unique, more accurate, and realistic audio experience separates each sound, detail, and ambient nuance into its own individual three-dimensional space and provides each one with its own 360-degree location as in the original experience and as the original content creator intended.

“You’ve got sounds coming in from in front, from each side, from behind – even from above your head!”

“Sounds you don’t even know you’re NOT getting”

“I was completely blown away!”

Patrick Snyder, Executive Director, BizStarts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Foreign sounds are stripped-out

The mix’s REAL sounds are now separated apart into their own 360-degree space 

  • Acoustic professionals and beginning mixers no longer need to struggle to clearly hear their mixes free from the problems automatically built into electronic sound reproduction with two speakers. 
  • Professionals are no longer restricted to only being able to positionally hear their mixes played back to them linearly congested together in front of the loudspeaker locations, or restricted to being only heard between their ears as limited with headphones. 

Instead, TigerFox pure acoustic Immerse 360 removes the foreign and false location of sounds and physically separates apart each sound and nuance from the others in real time.

Every sound, note, and nuance is perfectly synchronized to arrive around you at its exact physical location in real time and from your original unaltered content.

Clearly and accurately separate apart every sound, music note and ambient detail.

  • The TigerFox Immerse 360 user is enveloped in a dome of best-quality high-resolution hemispheric audio and immediately put closer to the artist, the intent of the audio engineer, and the actual original music, game or movie experience. 
  • Within this Super Sweet Spot and personal bubble of best-quality audio, the listener can now realistically perceive, hear and actually feel individual music, video game and movie sounds and detail in real time as it is separately presented around them with the authentic three-dimensional sensation of a live sound experience.
The TigerFox Immerse 360’s “Super Sweet Spot” surrounds users with accurately-positioned ultra high immersive 3D audio sound

Exact accurate positioning and separating of sounds in three real dimensions around listener

This means mixers using just two speakers can now accurately isolate each and every sound within its own 360-degree space and height in the playback mix.

This includes the exact three-dimensional direction, distance, angle, height and movement of each individual sound. 

Mixed sounds are now NOT HEARD overlapped, mixed together or muddled in front of the mixer or producer as is normal with two loudspeaker sound reproduction. 

  • Instead, using the same two loudspeakers and sound mix – each sound and nuance within the mix can be heard with its original three-dimensional spacing – between and around each sound – keeping the mix – and every nuance in it – authentically spatially intact.

Hear literally hundreds of sounds through the mix and follow them simultaneously

High numbers of individual sound sources in the same mix, including more than 60 different tracks and up to hundreds of sounds at the same time are individually separated by the Immerse 360 and can be audibly followed simultaneously all the way through the presentation in real time.

Hear a true 360-degree spatial 3D audio picture of one’s entire mix in real time 

The result creates a true, pure acoustic, 360° sound picture around the listener that includes the location of each sound in the mix integrated together into one seamless three-dimensional full surround landscape of sound. 

Puts the listener in the center of the mix’s soundscape

It then centers you within this sonic landscape in such a perfect way that you’re given a latency-free rendition of your work with real 360 positional hearing of all your individual sounds including their discrete nuances.

You and our clients (especially your remote clients) now have the ability to not only critically pick out and hear each and every sound in your work after it’s done in three real dimensions – but hear, locate, and hopefully correct any spatial problems without the expense of your clients flying to your facility in person or having to setup their own expensive multiple speaker arrays and highly complex electronic systems, not to mention their needed wiring and permanent space requirements.

Work with sonic purity instead of damaged sounds

Working with a pure acoustics version of one’s mix also allows mixers, sound professionals and their clients to evaluate the purity of their mix without also hearing pieces, damaged fragments, mixed-up delayed sounds and other off-frequency sounds that are unavoidably caused in stereo loudspeakers by the five well-known sound reproduction problems. 

A pop-up professional immersive sound room that’s simple, stress-free, portable, affordable, and that gets to the sonic truth

Speakers sound different from room to room because of the Speaker-Room-Interaction effect and because every room is different.

This is where the TigerFox technology with its Immerse 360 design comes in. It automatically cancels and removes ALL of the room’s prior acoustic problems at the same time – providing the sonic truth of the immersive audio mix. 

Sonic truth aids universal translation 

It makes good sense, therefore, at some point, to hear your mix played back in its purest true form, even when your final mix may not be heard on high quality or accurate playback devices. 

Enable your remote clients to hear and check mixes in DIFFERENT locations, in different rooms – and hear the SAME spatial result

Because the Immerse 360 dependably cancels Crosstalk, eliminates Speaker-Room-Interaction, the speaker’s massive sound loss, and the interference of added corrupted sounds, your clients in remote locations can spatially check mixes in almost an unlimited number of different locations and hear virtually the same acoustic results. The room they’re in, therefore, doesn’t change the spatial or immersive experience of the mix.

This is because the portable TigerFox Immerse 360 physically and acoustically replaces the room it’s in with a standardized immersive audio sound room.

  • The TigerFox® Immerse 360® acoustically eliminates the room’s added foreign, fragmented, lost, time-delayed and room-damaged sounds.

Simple organic pop-up pod design sets-up in 3 minutes almost anywhere – with guaranteed spatially accurate results. Then, rolls back up small in 2 minutes.

Simple portable pop-up design delivers best quality, affordable, 3D surround sound in under 3 minutes even for audio beginners.

This makes the Immerse 360 a professional audio and A/V playback studio with accuracy, portability, and best quality immersive audio playback.

Impress your remote clients – give them accurate spatial sounds in a true three-dimensional sound field

One of the added benefits of the Immerse 360 is it allows immersive mixes to be showcased and presented on a high-performance level to clients and fans of the artist who are eager to get as close to the artist’s original immersive experience as possible

  • Using precision pure acoustics that immediately solves five previously-difficult to correct electronic sound reproduction problems, and that automatically incorporates many of the rules, practices and acoustic upgrades of audiophile listening rooms, allows mixers and producers to present the best quality of their professional work to their important remote clients and to important fans of the artists.
  • This allows immersive mixes to be demonstrated in a more complete and authentic way, presenting a more whole picture of the audio soundscape in three physically-real dimensions.
  • This level of immersive audio presentation has traditionally been very expensive, cumbersome, and electronically difficult to reproduce
The TigerFox Immerse 360 delivers spatially immersive music audio accurately and realistically like a live music experience

The Immerse 360 wraps an accurate 360-degree sound field tapestry around the listener.

How the Immerse 360 can professionally showcase immersive mixes

  • The Immerse 360 takes original immersive audio music, game and movie content and the 360-degree acoustic space built-into it – and recreates it in three spatially-real dimensions, authentically wrapping it physically around the listener in real time.
  • This upgrades the authenticity, purity and three-dimensional spatial quality of immersive mixes, without multiple speaker arrays, complex electronics, or having to modify or change anything in the playback content.

A wide range of speakers can be used with the Immerse 360 – giving them added realism, positioning accuracy, and true full-surround 3D audio playback.

Almost any selection of one's personal speakers can be used with the Immerse 360

Almost any pair of personal and professional speakers can be used with the Immerse 360.

Speaker interchange options, upgrade options, and customization options

The ability to quickly interchange, upgrade, customize and test different sizes, types and audio qualities of loudspeakers is included with Immerse 360 pure acoustic design. 

This includes the option to use most sizes, types and ages of conventional and professional stereo speakers, and most “near-field”, desktop, and full-range speakers with the option of adding one or more subwoofers.

Different Speakers – Same Spatial Result

It is important to note that this interchange of speaker ability will change the quality of your mix’s audio result as heard by the listener, but the mathematical precision built-into the Immerse 360’s design keeps the location of individual sounds in the mix at their same location even when using different speakers.

The same signature three-dimensional sound field advantages of the Immerse 360 can be experienced with a wide selection of different loudspeakers and subwoofers that can be quickly switched in to suit one’s level of professional as well as your client’s personal listening preferences.

For audio professionals and audio beginners  

Pain points and barriers of entry are lowered for clients and general listeners

The Immerse 360 immediately removes most of the pain points and barriers-of-entry that have prevented in the past the vast majority of beginning music, video game and movie enthusiasts from experiencing the true joy of professional audiophile-level playback of immersive acoustics. 

Instead of the complexity, high cost, and time normally required to setup and use high-performance audiophile gear, professional listening rooms and complex electronic sound systems, the Immerse 360 provides a dramatically-simplified, confusion-free, low-cost design that’s ready to immediately use out-of-the-box.

Experience the TigerFox® Immerse 360® For Yourself.

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