Professional Audio with the TigerFox® Immerse 360

Like a $100,000 listening room. I Want One!

Ingo Schulz, Owner of Fidelity Magazine

For audio professionals seeking the BEST QUALITY audio – including 3D audio – for music, video games and movies

How to Mix Audio Right

the First Time

Use the pure acoustic TigerFox® 3D Immerse 360®

And improve the quality, accuracy, and realism of your work.

Allows you to instantly playback stereo, 360 immersive audio, spatial audio, 3D audio, surround sound, and even the newer object-based formats

All in 3 holographic dimensions including accurate height using just 2 standard speakers.

Clearly hearing all the details in full 360 surround allows audio professionals to produce their best work.

Up to now, there’s only been 3 choices to hear the details:

  1. Headphones
  2. A good pair of stereo speakers (limited before to a front-only playback experience)
  3. A 5 to 11 surround sound speaker setup.

All three, as good as they are, have serious sound reproduction problems that reduce your ability to edit with high quality.

Here’s what these problems are and how the patented Immerse 360 corrects them quickly, easily and affordably

The purpose of this document and the Tech Page are to explain and share these professional audio limitations – some of which have escaped being noticed even by the best audio professionals.

Stereo speakers, headphones or surround sound reproduce audio with hot spots, dead zones, faked sound locations, and timing errors.

These sound reproduction problems are real and cause:

  • Confusion
  • Uncertainty
  • Judgment errors
  • Added work
  • Lost time
  • Increased cost
  • Quality problems
  • Less happy customers

The pure acoustic Immerse 360 immediately removes these problems – delivering the original 360 soundscape as it was originally spatially produced.

Each sound and detail is pin-point positioned physically around you at its exact 360-degree location. Including distance and height.

Even tho most end users of your work don’t have an Immerse 360 themselves, the Immerse 360 allows you – the professional producer of their audio – to truthfully hear and edit each sound quickly and accurately.

As explained below, and in the Tech Page, the result is better, faster, more confident and higher-quality work that translates better across different playback devices for the end user.

Sound reproduction problems – and how the Immerse 360 corrects them for you.

Crosstalk and Speaker-Room-Interaction

The universal loudspeaker problems of Crosstalk and the release of massive quantities of uncontrolled indirect sound into the playback room make it difficult for a mixer to correctly hear, spatially position, and best mix their audio content.

Sound-Damaging Crosstalk

Crosstalk is the hi-res sound damage due to time lag of loudspeaker sound going to our two ears on opposite sides of our head.

TigerFox Cancels Crosstalk

Speaker-Room Interaction (Listening Room Problems)

TigerFox Stops Speaker-Room Interaction

Up to this point – it’s been all but impossible to separate out the added foreign sounds (from Crosstalk and the room, for example) from the real sounds in the mix that one needs to work on.

  • What happens is Crosstalk and Speaker-Room-Interaction introduce huge quantities of foreign sounds and sound fragments into the original mix.

Many times forcing you to also hear – and deal with – a larger quantity of corrupted sound than the good original sound.

Left is a room without the Immerse 360. Right is with the Immerse 360.

  • Each sound fragment is also uniquely corrupting and slightly different than the original sounds in the original mix.

These invisibly – but powerfully –  intermix and add out-of sync sounds with conflicting sound signatures and at different frequency levels into your mix – before you even hear it

  • The unfortunate result complicates things even more because these problems are different in every playback room.
  • And, it hasn’t been previously possible to strip these foreign sounds out or away from the actual sounds in the mix that one needs to clearly hear alone and work on.  

A pure acoustic advantage over electronics alone

For the first time, and as a significant acoustic advantage over using electronics alone, TigerFox precisely integrates its patented geometrically-flawless double ellipse acoustic design with modern electronics. 

The result automatically corrects five previously-unsolved electronic sound reproduction problems (all five are fully explained in Principle #2).

Both DIRECT and INDIRECT sound are combined giving you REAL 3D AUDIO

In the process, the Immerse 360 elliptical physics design integrates both the DIRECT Sound and the INDIRECT Sound together into one seamless three-dimensional full surround audio experience with zero added latency

Double Ellipse combined Direct + Indirect (8-2020) -01.png Flawless TigerFox patented soundboard acoustics is how to better experience music, video games and movies

TigerFox® combines DIRECT and INDIRECT sound seamlessly together to produce a physically-real 360-degree sound field in real time with no added latency.

TigerFox’s patented soundboard enclosure upgrades your music, game and music experience with zero added latency


The Immerse 360 automatically removes: 

  • Sound corrupting loudspeaker Crosstalk.
  • Sound and sound energy lost into the surrounding room.
  • Sound-muddling Speaker-Room-Interaction. 
  • Confusing out-of-sync sound fragments. 
  • Audio-degrading reflective echoes. 
  • Off-timed and different frequency reverberations.
  • The confusion, time and expense of setting up a best quality sound reproduction room to evaluate and demonstrate one’s work.

The amazing sonic result allows you to playback, accurately hear, and locate each individual sound at its exact 360-degree location, in 3 real dimensions, and at its true height, using just 2 standard speakers.

This playback performance result includes standard stereo, 3D audio, immersive 360 audio, spatial audio, surround sound, older audio formats, and even the newer object-based formats.

You must experience this to believe it!

Added Professional Audio Information

Problems of mixing in sound absorbing anechoic chambers and room-free environments 

Mixing in maximum sound absorbing anechoic chambers and outdoor sound dead environments remove the room effect and the differences between rooms but do not replace the loss of most of the speaker’s sound that is absorbed or lost.  

Nor do these solutions remove the problem of sound damaging Crosstalk confusion.

  • These standardization solutions do provide a room-effect-free result. 
  • However, in addition to being expensive, cumbersome and rarely available, they discard large quantities of valuable playback information including many of the natural and immersive components of pure live sound. 

The results of these standardization solutions, while being helpful, retain many of the limitations associated with electronic sound reproduction technologies that continue to make mixing, editing and translation work confusing, uncertain, and problematic. 

Sounds are congested together in front of the mixer when heard from loudspeakers alone

Another common sound reproduction problem that anechoic chamber and sound dead environment solutions have not been able to solve is the clustering of sounds around the speakers and in front of the listener instead of individually separated apart and authentically spread out around the listener and mixer in a realistic 360-degree space. 

This muddling together of sounds only in front makes it difficult to correctly hear and separate apart individual sounds in one’s mix when listening with loudspeakers alone – especially three-dimensional sound mixes. 

3D surround sounds are captured during virtually all audio production but lost during reproduction. TigerFox recovers 3D audio

The two loudspeakers DISAPPEAR as the sound source 

Because the TigerFox® technology and the Immerse 360® design simultaneously: 

  • Correct Crosstalk 
  • Stop loudspeakers from losing 98% of their sound 
  • Integrate Direct Sound and Indirect Sound seamlessly together in real time 
  • Prevent Speaker-Room-Interaction 

And these serious electronic sound reproduction and other problems are removed from the sound reproduction process, one of the most amazing results is that the two loudspeakers used with the Immerse 360 virtually disappear during playback as the acoustic location of your individual game, music and movie sounds.

  • This significantly means that even though all sounds are physically reproduced from the 2 speakers located in front of you – you do not hear the sounds coming from the speaker locations any longer.
  • That is, you now clearly experience all sounds arriving – not from the speaker locations – but critically – acoustically correctly – from their original individual locations around you like they did in the original experience. 
  • This unique, more accurate, and realistic audio experience separates each sound, detail, and ambient nuance into its own individual three-dimensional space and provides each one with its own 360-degree location as in the original experience and as the original content creator intended.

“You’ve got sounds coming in from in front, from each side, from behind – even from above your head!”

“Sounds you don’t even know you’re NOT getting”

“I was completely blown away!”

Patrick Snyder, Executive Director, BizStarts

Foreign sounds are stripped-out

The mix’s REAL sounds are now separated apart into their own 360-degree space 

  • Acoustic professionals, including beginning mixers, no longer need to struggle to clearly hear their mix free from the problems automatically built into electronic sound reproduction. 
  • Professionals are no longer restricted to only being able to positionally hear their mixes played back to them linearly congested together in front using loudspeakers or heard between their ears as limited with headphones. 

Instead, TigerFox pure acoustic Immerse 360 was designed to remove foreign sounds and physically separate apart each sound and nuance from the others in real time.

Every sound, note, and nuance is perfectly synchronized to arrive around you at its exact physical location in real time and from your original unaltered content.

Clearly separates apart every sound, music note and ambient detail.

  • The TigerFox Immerse 360 user is enveloped in a dome of best-quality high-resolution full-surround audio and immediately put closer to the artist, the intent of the audio engineer, and the actual original music, game or movie experience. 
  • Within this Super Sweet Spot and personal bubble of best-quality audio, the listener can now realistically perceive, hear and feel each individual music, video game and movie sound and audio detail in real time as it is separately presented around them with the authentic three-dimensional sensation of a live sound experience.
The TigerFox Immerse 360’s “Super Sweet Spot” surrounds users with accurately-positioned ultra high immersive 3D audio sound

Exact accurate positioning and separating of sounds in three real dimensions around listener

This means mixers can now accurately isolate each and every individual sound within its own 360-degree space in the playback mix.

This includes the exact three-dimensional direction, distance, angle, height and movement of each individual sound. 

Mixed sounds are now NOT HEARD overlapped, mixed together or muddled in front of the mixer or producer as is normal with loudspeaker sound reproduction. 

  • Instead, each sound and nuance within the mix – using the same two loudspeakers and sound mix – can be heard with the original three-dimensional spacing between and around each sound keeping the mix – and every nuance in it – authentically intact.

Hear and follow hundreds of sounds through the mix simultaneously

High numbers of individual sound sources in the same mix, including more than 30 different tracks and up to hundreds of sounds at the same time are individually separated by the Immerse 360 and can be audibly followed simultaneously all the way through the presentation.

Hear a true 360-degree spatial 3D audio picture of one’s entire mix in real time 

The result creates a real, pure acoustic, 360° sound picture around the listener that includes the location of each sound. And your entire mix integrated together into one seamless three-dimensional full surround landscape of sound. 

Puts you in the center of the mix’s soundscape

It then centers you within this sonic landscape in such a perfect way that you’re given a latency-free rendition of your work with real 360 positional hearing of all your individual sounds including their discrete nuances.

You now have the ability to not only critically pick out and hear virtually every sound in your work – but locate, compare, correct, move and then translate them, including micro details in three dimensions.

Work with sonic purity instead of damaged sounds

Working with a pure acoustics version of one’s mix also allows mixers and sound professionals to evaluate the purity of their mix without also hearing pieces, damaged fragments, mixed-up delayed sounds and other off-frequency sounds that are unavoidably caused by the five well-known sound reproduction problems. 

A pop-up professional mixing room that’s simple, stress-free, portable, affordable, and that gets to the sonic truth

Professional home studios and mixing rooms can get expensive, confusing and time consuming to acquire and set up, and they take up valuable permanent room space

  • They also sound different from room to room because of the Speaker-Room-Interaction effect and because every room is different. 
  • In addition, without an accepted standard, each studio is different in size, shape and acoustic plan.
  • Moreover, mixing rooms, home studios and even professional listening rooms haven’t been able to cancel loudspeaker Crosstalk or the loss of loudspeaker sound information. 

This is where the TigerFox technology with its Immerse 360 design comes in. It automatically cancels and removes ALL of these prior acoustic problems at the same time – while providing the sonic truth of every audio mix in 3 dimensions.

Sonic truth aids universal translation 

The ability to get to the real sonic truth and to faithfully hear the complexity of a sound mix helps to get the volume level of every sound relatively appropriate for the whole mix. Each sound in the mix is then locationally positioned, volume balanced and harmonically correct. 

This is important even when the mix is heard on low quality playback devices that aren’t able to fully translate the original 3D sound experience (Refer to Principle 1 on this website)  

Here’s why:

  1. Getting the quality of the entire original mix right to begin with helps insure that the fundamental structure of the mix is acoustically correct. 
  2. This helps retain the integrity of the work across many playback devices – even though the original overall quality is reduced during playback by compromised playback devices. 
  3. Hearing the mix right at different points in the process also avoids having to mistakingly add-in, change or subtract-out important information in the mix or waste time trying different adjustment means of doing so. 

It makes good sense, therefore, at some point, to hear your mix played back in its purest true form, even when your final mix may not be heard on high quality or accurate playback devices. 

Mix and check your work in DIFFERENT rooms – and hear the SAME acoustic result

Because the Immerse 360 dependably cancels Crosstalk, eliminates Speaker-Room-Interaction, the speaker’s massive sound loss, and the interference of added corrupted sounds, you can now mix, master and check your work in almost an unlimited number of different locations and hear virtually the same acoustic results.

This is because the TigerFox Immerse 360 physically and acoustically replaces the room it’s in with a standardized acoustically-perfect portable room.

  • The patented TigerFox® pure acoustic Immerse 360® portable sound room acoustically replaces the uncontrollable acoustics of any room.
  • This completely eliminates and corrects the room’s added foreign, fragmented, lost, delayed, and damaged sounds.
  • The result is precision sonic truth in every direction and dimension.

The acoustic result allows you and others in different locations to dependably and repeatably hear the same high-performance 360-degree acoustic results with the same setup equipment – even in multiple different room sizes, shapes and spaces.

Even in very different geographic locations – including those that previously were not acoustically suitable for reliable mixing work or dependable repeatable audio playback. 

Simple organic pop-up pod-like design sets-up in 3 minutes almost anywhere – with guaranteed perfect results every time:

  1. Simply unroll the pre-configured 3 Minute Setup Mat anywhere on the floor in virtually any room (it unrolls like a yoga mat).
  2. If working with A/V content, center the mat in front of a flat screen TV)
  3. Position your desired two speakers at the two positioning marks on the setup mat and place your preferred chair along the mat’s center line.
  4. Unroll the durable, lightweight acoustic soundboard module that’s fully pre-assembled and place it around the mat’s indicator markings. Done in 3 minutes!  
Simple portable pop-up design delivers best quality, affordable, 3D surround sound in under 3 minutes even for audio beginners.

Professional playback studio pops-up in 3 minutes. Rolls up and stores in 2 minutes.

Immerse 360 puts every game sound around player at its exact location, upgrading their video gaming experiences to best quality

Like these game sounds, every sound is now exactly positioned around you in real time as originally produced.

This makes the Immerse 360 a portable professional audio and A/V playback studio with precision accuracy and best quality audio playback.

  • This provides a pre-configured fast setup design for home studios.  
  • Also, with its “take-anywhere” portable design, it delivers your serous work even in remote, temporary and “on the road” locations – with the same dependable acoustic results from one location to the next!  This repeatable accuracy at different locations was very difficult if not impossible before.

Impress your clients with your work – now upgraded to three dimensions

One of the professional added benefits of the Immerse 360 is it allows you to showcase and present your work on an acoustically-flawless level to your clients and fans

  • Using precision pure acoustics that immediately solves five major previously-unsolved electronic sound reproduction problems (explained in Principle #2), and that automatically incorporates many of the rules, practices and acoustic upgrades of audiophile listening rooms (explained in Principle #5), allows professional mixers and producers to present the best quality of their professional work to their important clients and fans.
  • This allows you to demonstrate a more complete, authentic and whole picture of your original work – now in three real full surround dimensions – up to a level of artistic mastery that’s otherwise not possible to present
The TigerFox Immerse 360 delivers spatially immersive music audio accurately and realistically like a live music experience

The Immerse 360 wraps an accurate 360-degree sound field tapestry of your mix around your clients.

How the Immerse 360 professionally showcases your work

  • The Immerse 360 takes your original game, music and movie audio content and the 360-degree acoustic space you’ve built-into it – and recreates it in three spatially-real dimensions. 
  • Next, it takes the 360-degree tapestry of sound result and authentically wraps it physically around the listener in real time.
  • This upgrades the authenticity, purity and three-dimensional immersion quality of one’s work, without having to modify or change anything in the playback electronics or content.

Continue to use your own two reference loudspeakers now with added realism, positioning accuracy, and true full-surround 3D audio playback.

Many professional sound engineers and mixers want to use their own favorite pair of loudspeakers they’ve using for some time for most of their mixing and reference decision making.

  • The Immerse 360 pure acoustic design allows professional sound mixers and producers to continue to use their own favorite pair of reference loudspeakers.

And it adds to them an extended level of high-performance realism, exact 360-degree sound positioning accuracy and authentic three-dimensional immersion.

  • Your same two speakers can continue to be used to precision hear the same mixes in authentic high-performance 3D audio real time, without changes, alterations, or special processing to the speakers or the content.
Almost any selection of one's personal speakers can be used with the Immerse 360

Almost any selection of one’s personal and professional speakers can be used with the Immerse 360.

This means all of the signature TigerFox Immerse 360 improvements in audio performance are automatically added to your own favorite two speakers as well to all the content played through them, and all the sound reproduction sources connected to them.

Speaker interchange, upgrade and customization options

The ability to quickly interchange, upgrade, customize and test different sizes, types and audio qualities of loudspeakers is included with the Immerse 360 design. 

This includes the option to use most sizes, types and ages of conventional and professional stereo speakers, and most “near-field”, desktop, and full-range speakers with the option of adding one or more subwoofers.

Your own two speakers are now automatically upgraded to full-surround 3D audio speakers!

The same signature 3D sound advantages of the Immerse 360 can be experienced with a wide selection of different loudspeakers and subwoofers that can be quickly switched in to suit one’s level of professional mixing as well as your client’s personal listening preferences.

  • Different speaker options and playback content impress different clients.

The result means mixers and producers as well as regular listeners can use a wide selection of individual loudspeakers with the Immerse 360 to accurately hear and confidently judge not only individual recorded sounds, but the genuine position and ambient feeling of sounds and sound nuances within a real 360-degree surrounding sound field. 

  • This allows the accurate creation of a true 360-degree surrounding sound field by clearly hearing the complex combination of all the sounds in the mix at the same time, as well as hearing each sound authentically separated apart in real time.

For audio professionals and audio beginners  

The same precision design used to help audio professionals is also designed to be easy and affordably used by non-professionals who love the best quality music, video games and movies.

The Immerse 360 immediately removes most of the pain points and barriers-of-entry that have prevented in the past the vast majority of beginning music, video game and movie enthusiasts – both commercial and home audio enthusiasts – from ever experiencing the true joy of professional audiophile-level playback acoustics. 

Instead of the complexity, high cost, and extended time normally associated with setting up and using high-performance audiophile gear, professional listening rooms and complex electronic surround sound systems, the Immerse 360 provides a dramatically-simplified, confusion-free, low-cost design that’s ready to immediately use in under three minutes – even for audio novices – the first time and every time.

Experience the TigerFox® Immerse 360® For Yourself.

Try this pure acoustic experience risk-free with a 60-day trial

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TigerFox® guarantees a breathtaking full-surround
immersion experience.

A/B Testing the TigerFox® Immerse 360®

Rated a best realism, sound positioning, and immersion experience by virtually everyone who has comparatively tried it

During product development and while beta testing the Immerse 360®, audio experts, video gamers, sound engineers and music lovers tested the TigerFox Immerse 360 in comparative audio performance A/B listening tests with spatial audio content and from a variety of sources.

They universally prefer its realism, pinpoint sound accuracy, and total hemispherical immersion over other audio technologies, products and systems for music, video game and movie audio

We encourage you to test and compare the acoustic performance of the TigerFox Immerse 360 for yourself. 

Let us know your comparative immersive experience.

A sample of a comparative audio A/B listening test with tips for objectively evaluating its performance results, are included below for your convenience.

Audio Performance A/B Listening Test and Comparative Ranking

Comparative A/B performance tests try to repeat the same audio content while keeping as many of the important variables the same.

It’s a simple, fair, reliable and universal way to compare the audio performance of different audio products and systems against each other in a standardized way.

For example, to test and compare the audio performance of the TigerFox® Immerse 360® against:

  • High-performance stand-alone stereo hi-fi loudspeaker systems.
  • Headphones, headsets and other ear and head connected audio devices. 
  • Surround sound systems, including 5.1, 7.1, 9.1.4, sound bar arrays, and high speaker number movie theater systems.
  • Stand-alone high performance
  • Audiophile/professional listening rooms, etc.

Tips for Best Objectivity

The listener (preferably with a background in audio, without hearing problems, and blindfolded if possible), critically listens comparatively to the same audio variables on the two different audio systems being compared.

The test uses the exact same audio content (especially content the listener is very familiar with) from the same audio source and at the same approximate sound relative volume level.

The listener listens to both audio systems as close as possible in time to each other. The listener then describes the sound differences on a 1-10 number scale (10 = best).

A comparative checklist (some questions to ask the listener):

1. In your opinion, how well does the sound compare to hearing actual live sound that you may recall hearing (recently), for example, at a intimate jazz club or live concert?

  • Perform both A and B tests independently, using a 1 – 10 rating (Later compare A vs. B).

2. How clearly do you hear individual sounds spatially positioned at different exact physical locations around you? (A vs B) For example: 

  • Can you hear sounds directly in front of you?  (A vs. B) 
  • Side locations?  (A vs. B)
  • Over your head? (A vs. B)
  • Directly in back of you?  (A vs. B)
  • Can you hear sounds moving around you?  (A vs. B) 

3. How comparatively realistic do the sounds appear to you? Do they appear coming from an actual physically-real space? Can you point out the individual location around you that you hear them coming?  (A vs. B)

  • For example, do they appear at a realistic direction and distance from you? Do they appear coming from above or below you?
  • How three-dimensional or holographic do they appear? (A vs. B)
  • How well can you physically point to where they are? (A vs. B)
  • Do moving sounds have an appropriately smooth and continuous movement around you with an equal volume level?  (A vs. B)

4. Do you hear any off-sound artifacts or acoustic inaccuracies? (A vs. B)

5. How comparatively immersive is your overall acoustic experience?  (A vs. B)

6. How do you comparatively rate the overall qualities of the sound (mentioning the specific sound qualities or asking the listener to name the qualities they are thinking of) on a 1 to 10 point scale? (A vs. B)

7. If you have had prior audio experiences listening to or hearing that particular sound or audio track, how would you rate the overall quality of the sound or recording you’re hearing now compared to your best remembered prior hearing of that sound or recording? (A vs. B)

8. Which overall experience do you like best on a 1 to 10 point scale? (A vs. B)?

Add up the numbers for each.

Ensure that the total count of numbers for both A and B are included for all questions (don’t leave any A or B questions blank).

After adding up the total numbers for each A and B, compare their A vs. B results.

For the most objective results, finish both A and B performance tests first before putting a final comparative number on either A or B. 

If you were just asking for the results of one test by itself (without a comparison); that is, if you were Independently rating an audio system, an “absolute” 1 to 10 point scale helps determine its individual acoustic performance.

However, when doing an A/B comparative performance ranking of sound qualities between two similar or different audio systems, it greatly helps objectivity to finish both performance tests first BEFORE giving either of them their comparative A/B performance number. 

This is because any 1 to 10 number that’s given for an individual performance rating alone (without comparing it to something else) may need to be comparatively adjusted up or down after both audio technologies or systems have been tested to evaluate them objectively and properly.

That is, some people will rate A a 10 when it’s tested first. But if they think B is better on the second test, they then have no number higher than 10 for B. They then need to reduce A below 10 to provide a fair and objective comparative answer to “B”.

This experience has happened over and over again when they first evaluate another product first and then give a number for the Immerse 360 second. They weren’t prepared for what they were going to hear and they end up having to lower their first rating.

What represents a 50% overall comparative performance improvement?

Using the above 1 to 10 point scale, if the listener gave A = 6 and  B = 3

This represents a 50% performance improvement by B over A.

Explained: 50% of 6 is 3.  A rating of 6 for B therefore represents a 50% improvement by B over the 3 rating for A. 

While doing these comparative performance tests, don’t forget to enjoy the experience and have fun! 

That’s what it’s really all about!