The Immerse 360® Sound Spa

The Immerse 360® Sound Spa Delivers a True 360 Sound Bath

What is a Sound Bath?

Soothing sounds, therapeutic ambient music and meditative vibrational frequencies have been used for over 40,000 years to heal and harmonize the body, emotions, and the mind.

Traditionally, therapeutic sound energy was produced by a few simple instruments and needed to be administered by persons near to the recipient.

This has limited therapeutic sounds and restricted sound bath access to a limited number of recipients, locations, and times.  

In recent times, the sound bath presentation, its performance instruments, and its healing sounds have been improved, personalized, and made more accessible to everyone. 

This includes the new advancements now available in the Immerse 360 Sound Spa.

What is the Immerse 360® Sound Spa? 

The Immerse 360® Sound Spa is a stand-alone 360 sound immersion pod that delivers maximized and adjustable 360 sound baths on demand in an intimate private setting.

Photo of the full surround pure acoustic time aligned pod of the Immerse 360 Sound Spa that delivers a 360 immersion sound bath experience

What’s SPECIAL about the Immerse 360® Sound Spa and Sound Bath?

  • The Immerse 360 Sound Spa is a marriage of high-performance pure acoustics and a geometrically-precise time-aligned space.
  • This uniquely creates an amazingly immersive cocoon of harmonious sound energy around the recipient.
  • It is also mathematically precision-timed to gently immerse all sides of the recipient with healing sound energy equally and simultaneously. The result is a true 360 sound bath.
Communicates how the TigerFox Immerse 360 gently irradiates the whole body of the recipient with healing sound energy automatically and equally
Creates an amazingly immersive cocoon of harmonious sound energy around the user. Precision times the sound energy to gently immerse all sides of the sound bather equally.
  • The Immerse 360 provides a wide selection of professional sound healing sources, beyond the traditional sound sources. This optionally provides the sound bather with different types of therapeutic sound energy. All of which are user-selectable and user-variable at any time during the sound bath.
  • In addition, with its pop-up portable modular design, sound baths can be efficiently, independently, and automatically delivered in a variety of different spaces, locations, and times.

Patented Performance. The special performance of the Immerse 360 is patented. Because of its time-synchronized precision and equalized 360 immersion, the Immerse 360 and its exceptional performance have been granted multiple US government and foreign patents.

How Does this Benefit the Sound Bath Recipient?

  • The Immerses 360 acts like a whole body sound massage that enables the sound bath recipient to feel more deeply and receive more fully the therapeutic sound bath energy that’s simultaneously immersing them from all sides. 
  • This full surround immersion helps the sound bath recipient to shift their focus away from their pent-up emotions. And toward the wellness sensations they’re receiving in the present moment all around them by the Immerse 360.
full-surround real-life hearing is the best there is!
A REAL 360 Sound Bath Experience

With the Immerse 360, BOTH the wellness center AND the recipient can:

  • Select the desired type of therapeutic sound bath energy on the fly
  • Adjust the resonate level and length of time of the sound bath experience.
  • Re-adjust different types and levels of therapeutic energy during the sound bath.

This allows the recipient at any time to personally customize their sound bath experience to maximize its therapeutic relaxation and healing benefits.

How Effective are Customized User-Selected Sound Baths?

It is well known that different sound frequencies and reverberations affect individuals differently. And that their effects can vary, often quickly, depending on the individual’s life circumstances at the time. 

Personalized, adjustable, therapeutic sound energy 

The Immerse 360 Sound Spa provides the recipient with dynamic user-selectable therapeutic sound options until they find the “right” experience for them at that moment.

This can improve the efficacy, desired benefit, and satisfaction level of their sound bath experience in a more personal and flexible way.

real-life hearing is the best there is!

Many wellness studios now offer sound baths on a regular basis: It “draws people in” explained one owner.

The Immerse 360 is Offered as a Complete Turn-Key Sound Spa

Let’s explore this a little more for trial use in your wellness center. Email: Let’s chat. I’m looking forward to answering questions and helping to broaden and improve wellness offerings for you and your clients.

Addendum Follows

Examples of Different Full-Surround 360 Immersion Sound Baths

These are available with the new TigerFox® Immerse 360® Sound Spa for therapeutic healing, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation

Traditional soothing singing bowls (crystal + brass), deep vibrational gongs, drums, and resonate tuning forks

Immersive ambient tones and vibrational frequencies for meditation, healing, mindfulness, and calm relaxation. 

These are high-quality, full-surround immersive music selections, including harmonic vibrational musical instruments, for calming relaxation, inner balancing, regenerating, and re-invigoration.

In addition to personal self-guided sound baths with the Immerse 360 as needed in the moment, pre-orchestrated and professional guided meditation, breathing, and relaxation sessions gently assist you with therapeutic healing, relaxation and emotional sound journeys.

These guided sessions can address particular supportive needs. They include meditative soundscapes to help therapeutically guide you along the way.

These selections are mostly special real “open air” 360 immersion sound landscapes with therapeutic sounds as experienced in live nearby, faraway, and exotic places and times.

These can provide a personal inner journey of discovery, relaxation and healing with their live sounds as heard coming from every direction around you. 

  • Journey though your choice of meadows, mountains or forests listening to the meditative sounds of song birds, crickets, frogs and bees – some passing close by.
  • Surround yourself with gentle breeze sounds, brooks and streams, rain, wind or storms with cracks of lightening and rolling thunder. Heard from ambient outside or inside environments like cabins and cottages
  • Experience the mindful calls-in-the-wild between whales, wolves, owls, lions, etc. heard from faraway or nearby locations  
  • Crackling camp fire sounds to the deep vibrational ocean waves, earthy lava flows and grounding sound swells
  • Ambient timeless sounds of faraway steam train whistles, ancient fog horns, and emotional soundscapes  

Actual 360 soundscapes and delivered Immerse 360 soundscapes provide a real full surround experience. Both soundscapes feel like you’re actually present in the 360 environment that’s fully being presented in every direction around you.

360 soundscapes in the Immerse 360 simply must be experienced to be believed

A Little Background on the Holistic Design of the TigerFox Immerse 360 Sound Spa

The TigerFox Immerse 360 incorporates the historic mathematical golden ratio into its design. It proportionally joins together the geometric “golden triangle” inside of a balance-reflected double “golden spiral.

The result simply and easily reconstructs around the listener extraordinary full-surround 360 soundscapes.

Audio experts say these soundscapes outperform the best headphones, stereo systems, surround sound speakers, and even $100,000 audiophile listening rooms.

After 624 different versions. the Immerse 360 is now simple to setup, uncomplicated and user-friendly.

It is pop-up-portable, amazingly lightweight (under 20 pounds), trouble-free to setup, move, carry, store, and transport, and it’s affordably multi-purpose – use the same Immerse 360 to upgrade regular movies, music, video games and sound baths into extraordinary full 360 experiences.

Sustainably-produced and sustainably-driven with across-the-board compatibility with virtually all music, movies, video games, and sound bath content.

With the Immerse 360 Sound Spa, the ears, eyes, head, and body are naturally and completely free of any electronic device or added hardware.

Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.

Designed, developed, and manufactured by, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

License inquiries welcome.