Counterfeit Products

Intellectual Property Report

If you have a report about a possible counterfeit or knockoff TigerFox product or component; a TigerFox Trademark or Copyright infringement, or other intellectual property inquiry, it is important that we hear from you. 

This includes a potential:

  • Counterfeit or knockoff product or component
  • Illegal sale of a TigerFox product or component
  • TigerFox Patent infringement or question
  • TigerFox Trademark infringement or question
  • TigerFox Copyright infringement or question
  • Other Intellectual Property inquiry                                                           

Please fill out this quick form (Note: the below personal information is optional unless you would like answers to questions or acknowledgment of receipt):

    Which TigerFox product or component of a product is the most similar to the counterfeit or knockoff product you saw?

    Have you reported this issue or question to any other TigerFox employee, authorized TigerFox representative, or Group?


    I have additional documents, photos or content to provide. (Please upload this relevant information, comments and any photos, locational information, etc. to our TigerFox Marketing Team at:


    For additional information, please refer to the Patents page, the Rights and Permissions page, the Guidelines for Using TigerFox Trademarks and Copyrights page and the Intellectual Property Rights page on this website.

    Thank you