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Most Immersive

This Simple Little Pod

Delivers a $100,000 Audio Experience

For Under $500

Jaw Dropping 3D Audio
For Music, Games & Movies

Pin-point Positions Every Sound

  • Direction

  • Distance

  • Height

  • Movement

A figure playing a video game inside the Tigerfox Immerse 360 as rockets explode and bullets zip by.

Experience your music, games and movies happening in every direction around you.

Experts Have Heard It and Believe It

This Thing Blew My Mind!

Jay’s Audio Lab

Like a $100,000 listening room. I Want One!

Ingo Schulz, Owner of Fidelity Magazine

Unbelievable Accuracy

Mick S, Gamer and Music Producer

Audio Pros Are Raving About the Immerse 360


Stereo Systems

Even high-priced systems will leave sounds clustered around the speakers.


Sounds that seem to come from different directions are still clustered near the ears.

Surround Sound

More speakers still result in clusters that leave deadzones in your soundscape.

Works With All Your Favorite Media Sources

Compatible out-of-the-box with all your digital, analog, physical, streamed and downloaded content

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Sets-up in Under
3 Minutes


No Phantom Headphone Sounds

  • Fake Positioned Sounds

    Headphones use audio illusions to trick your brain into thinking sounds are coming from all around you.

  • True Positioned Sound

    The Immerse 360 positions sounds around you as they would occur in real life

An Incredible Game Sound Experience

How to Best Experience Music?

Better than a front-row seat. Puts you onstage.

Delivers a true 360-degree live sound experience in three real dimensions.

How to Upgrade Your Video Game Experience?

Improve your reaction time, gain the competitive edge and dominate the game.

Precisely judge location, distance, elevation and movement of every game enemy, ally, and ambient sound better than the best headphones.

How to Best Experience Movies?

Be IN the movie – Don’t just watch it.

The TigerFox Immerse 360 is more realistic and immersive than even the best surround-sound systems in the best movie theater surround systems.

How is this Possible?

Clearly hear for the first time what you never knew you were missing before.

The TigerFox Immerse 360 automatically removes 5 serious sound reproduction problems that damage the quality, realism, and authenticity of your experience.

Experience the TigerFox® Immerse 360®
For Yourself

Try-out this pure acoustic experience with a full no-risk 60-day home trial.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

And, at any time during those 60 days, if you’re not 100% happy or convinced that the Immerse 360 is the best audio you’ve ever experienced, then you will get your money back guaranteed.

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