TigerFox® Immerse 360®


Imagine Being Surrounded by 128 Speakers

An overjoyed man sitting inside a large dome made up of hundreds of speakers.

Get this Amazing Experience Just by Sitting in the Immerse 360©

A front view of the TigerFox Immerse 360 sound enclosure.

True Surround for the First Time

Enjoy video games, music, therapeutic sound baths, and movies brought to life around you with stunning realism.

And the best part is you can have this experience without the hassle and expense of installing a room-full of speakers, wiring, and special electronics!

All Using Only Two Speakers

That’s the Power of the Immerse 360!

Experts Have Heard It and Believe It

This Thing Blew My Mind!

Jay’s Audio Lab

Like a $100,000 listening room. I Want One!

Ingo Schulz, Owner of Fidelity Magazine

Unbelievable Accuracy

Mick S, Gamer and Music Producer


Diagram of Sound Positions while using headphones.


Headphones reduce soundscapes to just around your ears

Diagram of sound positions when using stereo speakers.

Stereo Systems

Stereo limits your soundscape to a front only experience

Diagram of sound positions while using a surround sound system.

Surround Sound

Surround sound speakers still leave dead zones between them

The floating dots of light represent individual audio sounds in their original locations that the listener can distinctly hear.

Pure Acoustics Creates Infinite Sound Locations

Think about surround sound systems. Surround sound systems try to position audio sounds at different locations around the listener using a low number of single-point (mono) speaker locations.

The Immerse 360 uses acoustical physics to reproduce these same audio sounds but with improved quality, and positions them around the listener in their true locations, using an infinite number of sound point locations.  

The Immerse 360’s unique wall-shaped soundboard captures sound emitted from only two speakers to provide the ultimate interactive and accurate listening experience.

Easily Locate Every Sound’s

  • Direction

  • Distance

  • Height

  • Movement

Works With All Your Favorite Media Sources

Compatible out-of-the-box with all your digital, analog, physical, streamed and downloaded content. This Includes 3-D audio, spatial audio, home theater and TV audio, 360 audio, surround sound and immersive sound.

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How to Best Experience Music?

Better than a front-row seat. Puts you onstage.

Delivers a true 360-degree live sound experience in three real dimensions.

How to Upgrade Your Video Game Experience?

Improve your reaction time, gain the competitive edge and dominate the game.

Precisely judge location, distance, elevation and movement of every game enemy, ally, and ambient sound better than the best headphones.

How to Best Experience Movies?

Be IN the movie – Don’t just watch it.

The TigerFox Immerse 360 is more realistic and immersive than even the best surround-sound systems in the best movie theater surround systems.

Experience the TigerFox® Immerse 360®
For Yourself

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