Movies with the TigerFox® Immerse 360®

How to Transform Your Movies into
Best-Quality Full-Surround Experiences

TigerFox’s® Immerse 360® delivers the authentic experience of
full three-dimensional live sound.

Outperforms even the best full-surround audio performances from: 

  • Full-Surround Movie Theater Speaker Systems
  • 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1.4 Surround Sound Systems
  • Multi-Channel Speaker Array Systems and SoundBars 
  • Advanced Home Entertainment Centers
  • Audiophile Listening Rooms
Total "full-body" Immersion of listener within a 360-degree "bubble" of 3-dimensional pinpoint positioned sounds.

Total Immersion In All Three Dimensions


The TigerFox® Immerse 360® COMPLETELY SURROUNDS the listener within a PERSONAL SOUND BUBBLE that envelopes their entire body. 


Surround Sound

Now Dramatically Upgraded 

“Surround sound” Description Note: Electronics-based surround sound systems, including conventional surround sound and other audio surround experiences like 3D audio, spatial audio, immerse audio, etc., are collectively referred to in this document as “conventional surround sound” or simply “surround sound”.

Conventional “surround sound” is a wired electronics-based system.

TigerFox Immerse 360 uses wireless PURE ACOUSTICS that upgrades your “surround sound” experience beyond electronics.

The TigerFox Immerse 360 uses the power of high-performance pure acoustics to dramatically upgrade your movie experiences beyond what conventional electronics-based “surround-sound” technologies can deliver.

Welcome to an entirely new category of patented high-performance three-dimensional “surround sound”.

Pure acoustics produce high-resolution 3D surround-sound results that extend all around the listener. 

The improved quality and performance level of the pure acoustic-based Immerse 360 set it far above conventional electronics-based surround sound systems, even above theater grade systems.

Here’s 7 critical ways the Immerse 360 UPGRADES your movie experience over conventional surround sound technologies.

It automatically adds:  

1. The genuine quality and sensation of live sounds physically happening all around you. 

2. The creation of a full-scale holographic soundscape in real time 360-degrees around you giving you the intimate sense of being actually present within the movie or show itself. 

3. The ability to pinpoint the exact location of each individual sound or effect in every direction and distance around you with ultra-high precision.  

  • Individual sounds are distinctly separated-apart and time-line synchronized in real time.
  • The sounds are delivered at their accurate physical location, direction and distance from you as created by the original cinema event or sound engineer.

4. The enjoyment of experiencing your favorite movies upgraded into best-quality high-resolution 3D audio – like real life. 

  • This includes even your streamed media, live over-the-air broadcasts, your favorite music, video games and television shows.

5. Newly-revealed ambient details, micro nuances and lost sound information missed by other technologies.

6. Total full-surround hemispherical immersion.  

  • The distinctive TigerFox Immerse 360 result completely envelopes the listener both horizontally and vertically within a personal sound bubble of ultra high performance multi-dimensional spatial audio. 

7. The ability to not only have your movies, but your favorite music, video games and virtually all stereo sound immediately experienced in full surround sound with no requirement for any updates, alteration or added costs.

All using only two conventional speakers, even ones you already own.

The TigerFox®Immerse 360® preserves and delivers the original FULL SURROUND movie presentation.

“Surround sound” began as an electronics-based system

Do you remember the first time you experienced the thrill of “surround sound” at the movie theater?

To unlock this heightened experience, theaters add “surround sound” speakers and build special movie content to work with them.  By doing so, they can deliver a more immersive feeling to movie watching.

The resulting immersion inspired many people to try and recreate the experience with home systems that mimic movie theater speaker set-ups.

This has created what we now call electronics-based or conventional wired surround sound.

Electronic problems limit your movie experiences

There are serious limitations with the electronics used over the last 40 years when it comes to reproducing conventional surround sound. 

Conventional surround sound still relies exclusively on electronics and wired components to reproduce sound.  

The resulting effect, though impressive, is that electronic surround sound solutions are not able to make your movies and other content sound like genuine live experiences.

No matter how many complex and expensive electronic upgrades to conventional surround sound over the last four decades, the promise of full surround sound movie experiences simply has not been achievable. 

Important realism problems of conventional surround sound systems:

Conventional surround sound systems suffer from loss of realism, positioning accuracy, and sound damaging defects. 

These are caused by surround sound speakers and their mono sounds that:

  1. Produce “hot spots” of concentrated sounds limited to their individual speaker locations
  2. Leave huge sound dead zones in the soundscape between surround sound speaker locations

5.1 surround sound systems provide only 5 sound point locations to try to reconstruct an entire 360-degree soundscape

In conventional surround sound technologies, all sounds are restricted to physically coming from only the speaker’s location.

Actual and authentically-positioned sound locations are limited to physically coming from only a few rigidly-fixed speaker sound point locations around the listener.

All speakers are “hot spots” of concentrated sounds. This is where all sounds physically come from.

Due to electronic sound reproduction limitations, conventional surround sound speakers typically produce only mono sounds from single speaker locations.

They normally cannot use stereo sound signals or content or sources that provide a far wider and more immersive sound field. 

  • 5.1 surround sound systems use only 5 single speaker points of sound positioned in the 360-degree space around the listener. 
  • Complex and expensive 7.1 home theater surround sound systems have 7 single speaker points of sound positioned in a large open space around the listener
  • Added speakers must be installed into the ceiling for the most elaborate and high-end 7.1.4 and 9.4.1 home theater surround sound systems.

The most popular (5.1 and 7.1) conventional surround sound systems, therefore, use only 5-7 speakers to try to reconstruct a full soundscape 360-degrees around the listener.

Conventional electronic surround sound tries to piece-together a full 360-degree soundscape around the listener with only 5-7 individual speaker points of sound

Because of this significant physical and acoustic limitation:

  • The reproduced surround sounds can only arrive from these 5-7 rigidly preset speaker locations.
  • This creates hot spots of concentrated “surround” sounds at these 5-7 speaker locations. 

This means the conventional surround sound experience is physically restricted to only these 5-7 fixed points of sound around the listener.

The issue of huge sound dead zones in the surrounding soundscape

Because surround sound speakers are widely spaced-apart, they leave huge holes, sound drop-off areas, or sound dead zones in the surrounding soundscape.

No sound can physically come from the large gaps created by the empty spaces between the speakers in conventional surround sound setups.

Electronic surround sound also leaves dead zones in all areas above and below the speakers

Without adding more speakers such as in the ceiling, these large sound void gap areas between the surround sound speakers are extended to a complete sound dead zone in all other areas above and below the listener. 

Surround sound speakers leave large dead zone gaps in the movie soundscape around you  

Surround sounds can only physically arrive from a few “hot spot” speaker locations  

With conventional surround systems, the significant physical gap created between surround sound speakers cause over 90% of the movie’s soundscape around you to be physically empty of sound

Over 90% of your soundscape is empty of sound 

These physically disconnected sound void areas between surround sound speakers cover over 90% of the horizontal soundscape around the listener.

This sound dead void area extends to all other locations around the listener including to all locations above and below the listener where no speaker physically exists.

This causes well over 90% of your movie’s surrounding soundscape in conventional surround sound systems to be in a soundscape dead zone.

What you lose when over 90% of your soundscape is physically empty of sound 

Because of these hot spots and the expansive sound void areas, you lose important components of a natural live full-surround presentation.  

These lost and missing components of natural live sound are highly-valued by serious movie enthusiasts, competitive video gamers and music lovers. 

They include the loss of:

  • Audio quality, resolution, detail and clarity
  • Accurate spatial positioning of individual sounds, including distance, height, three-dimensional depth and movement
  • Believability and realism
  • The authentic sense of total immersion with live sounds happening all around you.

Conventional surround sound systems add sound distortions, time-delay errors and audio fidelity problems

This is because the left and right main speakers, surround sound speakers and the center channel are often: 

  • Not the same size, power level or quality 

Different and smaller speakers than the main left and right speakers are often used for the “surround sound” and center speaker locations.  

  • Not correctly separated apart. 
  • Not properly distanced from the listener. 
  • Not able to be appropriately positioned in the room because of the room’s shape, structural restrictions such as doors or windows, and objects in the room like a couch or table.

The result creates wide gaps of missing realism, depth and natural immersion 

The combined physical, logistical and audio related limitations of conventional electronic-based surround sound cause a significant loss of audio truth and the integrity of a full surround presentation.

TigerFox full-body immersion ELIMINATES hot spots and dead zones.

It CANCELS the need for surround sound speakers, wires, and electronics.

Adds movie realism and the felling of live sound all around you. 

While conventional surround sound technologies create hot spots and large sound-dead voids, the TigerFox Immerse 360 removes hot spots, sound-dead voids and the physical and audio limitations of conventional surround sound systems.

The Immerse 360 adds an unlimited number of sound point locations around the listener

TigerFox’s patented full-surround design delivers sounds from an unrestricted and limitless number of factually-real and high-resolution sound point locations around the listener. 

TigerFox Immerse 360 accurately delivers individual sounds to the listener from a limitless number of physically-real sound point locations.

This is opposed to conventional  “surround sound” systems which are limited to only a small number (5 to 7 for example) of widely-spread-apart individual fixed speaker sound point locations. 

With the Immerse 360, soundscapes are extended in every direction, even overhead, and freely move as originally produced without restriction or dead sound areas. 

Conventional surround sound COMPARED to the pure acoustic TigerFox Immerse 360.

5 fixed sound point locations vs.
Unlimited and free-to-move sound point locations

The Immerse 360 creates ONE uninterrupted full-surround soundscape that precision-delivers sounds from any direction 

The Immerse 360 authentically presents the soundscape around the listener as one seamless tapestry of individually positioned sounds.

Totally unlike conventional surround sound systems, the Immerse 360 provides an unrestricted and uncountable number of locations around the listener for individual sounds and audio details to precisely arrive from.

It uses the whole performance area of the surrounding Immerse 360 soundboard structure.  

Plus the Immerse 360 accurately positions sounds even in all overhead locations from any direction and distance, including moving sounds, as originally produced.

The result is a full-surround hemisphere of accurately positioned three-dimensional sounds. 

To deliver this level of realism, precise accuracy, and authenticity, the TigerFox design uses a patented acoustic-only technology that’s non-invasive and that reproduces the original sound signals in their pure form. 

This preserves, purifies and upgrades the original true full-surround movie presentation and authentically adds it around the listener, for the first time, as a natural live sound experience. 

Each sound is positioned at its exact:

  • Direction 
  • Distance 
  • Angle
  • Height and
  • Movement 

The result is the authentic full-surround experience of natural live sound that audio experts say outperforms:

  • Professional Surround Sound Systems
  • Sound Bars and advanced Speaker Array Systems
  • New Spatial Audio and Immersive Sound Systems
  • Full Movie Theater Surround Systems.

The Immerse 360 surpasses in 3D sound quality, live sound realism, accuracy and immersion. 

Conventional surround sound setups are complex, expensive, and need permanent room space.

Normally, to achieve the performance level of a well set up conventional surround sound system, one faces a complex, difficult, expensive and time consuming struggle.

This is because of the normal requirements of purchasing and installing surround sound speakers, their extensive wiring, and permanent room placement. 

The Immerse 360 COMPLETELY REMOVES the complexity, time, hassle and high cost of purchasing, setting up and using conventional surround sound speaker systems!

Just two speakers and the Immerse 360’s pure acoustic delivery system replace any number of surround sound speakers, their wiring requirements, and room set up, including the need for a center speaker and a subwoofer.

Surround sound systems and their complex, time-consuming and expensive electronics, setup and space are not needed anymore.

TigerFox removes these pain points

Traditional electronic surround sound systems, their high cost, setup complexity and limited content are not needed anymore.

Not Needed Anymore!

The Immerse 360 is simple, stress-free, portable, and affordable.

3-Minute Set-Up

(acoustically-perfect every time)

TigerFox’s pure acoustics technology and the Immerse 360’s pre-configured pop-up design deliver a shockingly immersive result while eliminating the difficulty, high expense and room space requirements traditionally associated with conventional surround sound systems. 

Entirely unlike conventional and home cinema “surround sound” setups, the TigerFox Immerse 360’s simple design pops-up in 3 minutes with guaranteed  perfect high-resolution surround sound results every time.

Simple pop-up design.

Portable, modular design frees-up valuable living space

Using just two speakers and its pop-up under 3 minute set-up, the TigerFox Immerse 360 provides uninterrupted continuous-surrounding holographic sound fields, sound stages and soundscapes

The Immerse 360 works perfectly with conventional AND special audio formats, content and sources.

Works universally with a variety of different content and electronics.

This includes full backward and forward compatibility with conventional as well as special multi-channel surround sound movies, video games, music and live over-the-air broadcasts, even stereo and legacy content and sources going back 50 years.

To make best quality surround sound results most affordable and easiest to obtain, even for audio beginners, the Immerse 360 utilizes the same surround sound content, electronics and sources as used by conventional surround sound in their most simplified and universally available two-channel playback mode, without requiring updates, altered content, or special purchased media. 

How this is accomplished

As explained in the “How Is This Possible?” page, the Immerse 360 itself is 100% pure acoustic-powered. 

And, as such, it works its signature acoustic improvements only after the sound physically leaves the speakers. 

It, therefore, does not touch, interfere with, or alter any electronic sources or content before or during the electronic sound reproduction process itself.

This affordably provides universal compatibility with virtually all electronics, content and sources.

The result: TigerFox Immerse 360 works not only with movies, but with your favorite music, video games, and streamed content and sources. 

Using pure acoustics technology allows the Immerse 360 to work immediately without restriction or added hassle or cost with virtually all sound content, including movies, video games and music, regardless of their format or age. 

This means, unlike electronic audio technologies, this new 3D pure acoustic technology doesn’t require special, limited or new content, sources, formats, or hardware to immediately deliver its authentic three-dimensional full-surround acoustic experience. 

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Existing content is ready to immediately use with the Immerse 360! 

  • Listeners can enjoy full 3D surround sound from music, video games and movies made years ago just as easily as from the present. 
  • This includes an unlimited availability of currently-existing and upcoming content, formats, and sound sources, as well as digital, analog, physical and downloaded content. 
  • This, for example, includes hard media sources, platform-based video games, older (even out-of-date) sources, analog vinyl recordings, and effectively all music, games and movies and their many different streaming services.

Improves the sound quality and realism of your loudspeakers and electronics – everything in your playback system. 

The Immerse 360 upgrades the realism and immersive playback experience of all reproduced sounds.

Not only is the Immerse 360 fully compatible with movie, music and video game content and sources, because it is a pure acoustic enhancing technology, it automatically upgrades their three dimensional sound quality, positioning accuracy, live sound realism and full-surround immersion. 


Upgraded surround sound experiences without the pain points of conventional surround sound systems.

The TigerFox Immerse 360 immediately delivers – and guarantees – an unmatched 360-degree high-resolution “surround sound” experience without needing any of the following equipment, software or setup pain points traditionally associated with purchasing, installing and using electronic-based surround sound systems. 

  • No required surround-sound speakers, no center channel speaker and no special array system speakers
  • No surround sound wires, cables and cords 
  • No new or special surround-sound hardware or electronics to deal with
  • No special surround-sound boxes or power amplifiers.
  • No new surround-sound file formats, media or content required.
  • No lengthly or confusing “surround sound” set-up requirements, no measurements or guesswork, no tools, no hassles, and no wasted time.  
  • No installation of surround-sound speakers, surround sound speaker wires, equipment or connecting cables.
  • No limitation to only mono sounds. 
  • No hot spots or limited sound point positions. 
  • No pieced-together soundscapes that leave large audio drop-out areas or sound “dead zones” 
  • No restriction to a horizontal-only soundscape. 
  • No loss of overhead positioned sounds or moving sounds 
  • No psycho-acoustics, “brain trick” methods or simulated phantom positioning
  • No added sound-damaging latency, sound delays, frequency variation, or fragmented acoustics. 
  • No restriction on using digital or analog surround sound playback devices.
  • No compatibility issues. Works with conventional stereo, surround sound, including special content and sources. 
  • No electricity is used. Naturally wireless pure acoustic design.
  • No “dedicated” rooconal-level full surround music listening results. 
  • No sound absorbers or other acoustic room treatments are needed.
  • No need to purchase or add any special surround sound software, content, media, sound sources or components. 
  • No hidden surround-sound expenses or additional costs. 
  • No upgrades of anything required.

Learn how TigerFox does this on our How is this Possible? page.

The result is a full-surround experience delivered far beyond the physical, audio and cost limitations of conventional surround sound technology.

I was not expecting this dramatic of a difference . . .
This improves the entire experience

Mick S, Gamer and Music Producer

Guaranteed better than full movie theater sound

The Immerse 360 is pre-tested and ties-together every acoustic loose end to guarantee even newbies a perfect movie, video game and music experience – all from the comfort of one’s own home.

Upgrade your movies to best quality experiences. 

Experience the TigerFox Immerse 360 For Yourself

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If you’re a serious movie enthusiast, competitive video game player or music lover, here’s a chance for you to experience the extraordinary magic that you’ve been missing from your music, music content and sources.


TigerFox® guarantees a breathtaking full-surround
immersion experience that’s FAR more engaging
and real than any other audio technology.