Background on Headphones

A Little Background on Headphones

How the TigerFox® Immerse 360® Outperforms the Most Advanced Headphones

Sounds produced with the pure acoustic TigerFox Immerse 360 are authentically positioned physically around you like live sounds in a real physical space.

Unlike headphones, the Immerse 360 does not use psycho-acoustics, “brain trick” methods or simulated phantom positioning.

Comparison between the limitations of headphone sounds and the expanse of the Immerse 360 sounds
The Immerse 360 Experience
Natural real-life open-space hearing.
Dramatically-expanded whole body immersion.

Uses the Same Content – With Better Results

The TigerFox Immerse 360 uses the same conventional content, formats and sound signals as used by other audio technologies, including headphones, loudspeakers and loudspeaker-based surround sound systems – without needing them updated, altered or changed in any way.

However, the patented Immerse 360 uses pure acoustics to produce these same sound sources in an entirely different and more authentically delivered way.

This document will help explain the transformational acoustic difference between the pure acoustic TigerFox Immerse 360 and conventional electronic headphones.

For specific technical information on how the Immerse 360 developed and uses pure acoustics is explained in the “How Is This Possible?” page on this website.

Background on Headphones 

Headphones” is a general term used in this document to refer to headsets, ear buds, inner ear devices and other electronic head-attached speaker devices.

Headphone devices provide the practical advantages of mobility, lightness of weight, hands-free attachment to the head, and great sound containment.


Do headphones produce artificial or inaccurate sound?

The practical advantages of headphones, however, also cause an equal number of acoustic disadvantages that can substantially reduce the credibility, three-dimensional realism and the immersive physical sound experience of one’s music, video games and movies.

For example, irrespective of their cost, complexity or design – a headphone device is a highly spatially-limited sound distribution technology. It is limited to physically distributing sounds to the user only from a very small physical area next to, or inside of, one’s ears.

And because of their proximity to the ears, headphones are necessarily required to have extremely small and lightweight micro drivers. (These are tiny speakers that produce the headphone’s sounds.)

Note: When multiple drivers, for example in “surround sound headphones”, are positioned inside of a small ear cup, driver size is required to be even smaller due to overall headphone size, weight and space limitations.

1. Sounds produced by headphones are unlike natural sounds

As a result of the required very small driver size, the sounds produced by headphones, and the way they physically position sounds around the listener, are unlike natural sounds, live positioned sounds, and real-life hearing.

 a. Physically-real sounds produced by headphones are limited to sounds that physically occur next to one’s ears only.

The limited real world positioning of headphone produced sounds being confined to close to one’s ears is increased because headphone drivers and their headphone sounds are normally contained within a small enclosed cup or “can”.

  • This causes the headphone sounds to be heard not only very close to one’s ears but from a contained small enclosure perspective.

b. Some sounds produced by headphones can authentically be positioned and experienced

Sounds that naturally occur near to ones ears in the real world can be accurately physically positioned when played back through headphones (for example, the buzz of a fly or a hair-cutting tool physically-located next to one’s ear).

Because they actually physically exist in the real world next to ones ears, these close-to-ear sounds can, therefore, be correctly experienced through headphones, particularly when those sounds are recorded using special recording techniques like 3D Audio and high-end headphones are used for playback.

c.  All the rest of the sounds heard through headphones, however, are positioned artificially.

Artificially positioned headphone produced sounds include virtually all sounds that exist in the real world that do not occur next to the ear.

This means that headphone reproduced sounds that physically do not actually exist in the real world immediately next to one’s ears cannot be factually physically reproduced in those locations even by the best headphones.

For example, headphones DO NOT and CANNOT factually position sounds:

  • At any real physical distance, depth, direction or angle away from the headphone user’s ears.
  • In any real physical space straight in front of – or in back of – the headphone user.
  • At any real physical height above or below the headphone user, including directly over the user’s head.

In these important authentic live sound ways, most sounds and nuances in the real world, including sounds that occur away from one’s ears, are not factually reproduced in real world locations by headphones.

2. Physical limitations of headphone-produced sounds

Headphone produced sounds are naturally limited to non real-world sound volumes.

Because headphone drivers are required to be necessarily tiny and located immediately next to the eardrum, they understandably cannot physically reproduce sounds safely into the ear anything close to a natural sound level.

That is, headphone drivers are not able to reproduce impressive real world sounds directly into one’s ear at a live sound level.

Natural sounds, therefore – like those with:

  • Impressive substance
  • Highly-emotional content
  • Palpable weight
  • And powerful surrounding physical immersion

cannot be authentically reproduced by headphones like live sounds – like those that can be felt and experienced in dramatic real-world and natural environments.

Unlike headphones, this is what audio loudspeakers are used for and what they do very well.

Learn more at “Bridging the sound quality and realism gap between headphones and loudspeakers” on the page titled: “How Is This Possible?” on this website. 

3. Sounds produced by headphones are physically connected unnaturally to one’s head.

Because headphones (and their attached speakers) are required to be physically attached to one’s ears and head, the sounds they produce are also required to be physically attached unnaturally to one’s ears and head.

This means that, along with one’s head movements, virtually all sounds heard through headphones (including surround sounds, immersive spatial audio and 3D Audio sounds) are also required to unnaturally move along with one’s head movements.

This unnatural attachment of sounds to one’s head movements is not like the real world and is not a natural hearing experience.

Natural “head turning” sound localization is lost 

Authentic real world sounds, instead, stay naturally attached to their individual sound source locations. They do not move away from their sound source regardless of one’s head position or movement.

  • Head turning” sound localization is subconsciously turning our head to hear the location of sounds.  It is automatically used by our auditory system to help us quickly locate and zero in on the exact physical location of important sounds around us in the real world.
  • Because headphones are attached to our heads, this natural head turning localization process of authentically positioning sounds around us is unnaturally cut off and ineffective.
  • Therefore, regardless of their cost, complexity or advanced features, sounds heard through headphones lose accurate real world sound positioning information and the credibility naturally built into our locational hearing.

4. Most sounds produced by headphones do not pass the authentic live sound credibility test.

The result subconsciously reduces the believability of one’s video game, music and movie experience.

  • Even though we WANT to believe that ear-location-only positioned sounds are REALLY positioned in true physical locations all around us like real life – our brain knows and subtly communicates to us – that these sounds do not match authentic live sounds we normally hear physically positioned around us in the real world.
  • This is because our brain is naturally hard-wired to immediately and purposefully communicate audio discrepancies to us and to automatically limit the credibility of unnatural sounds.
  • This live sound credibility test is naturally built into the core of our DNA for our survival and becomes important in the experience of our personally believing, trusting and accepting sounds and acoustic nuances as genuinely-real live sounds.
  • Most sounds, therefore, even those reproduced through expensive audiophile headphones, have difficulty passing this important live sound credibility test because they lack many of the important components of genuinely-real live sounds.

The live sound headphone credibility gap affects many – if not most sounds heard through headphones.

As a consequence, this reduces the authenticity and the positioning of sound objects reproduced by headphones and the credibility of experiencing their physical locations around us in a natural way.

The result creates a subtle but very real integrity gap in the brain’s ability to recognize and authenticate those sounds experienced through headphones as genuine real-world live sounds.

This is explained more in the “Special for Audiophiles” section of the Music page and in “Bridging the sound quality and realism gap between headphones and loudspeakers” located in the “How is this Possible?” page of our website.

Most people are surprised by the nuances lost by headphones

Most gamers, music lovers and movie buffs, including most audio professionals, cannot imagine how substantially this integrity and deliverability loss is.

Few realize how much it affects the experience of their music, video games and movies, including:

  • How large the credibility gap and loss is
  • How important it is
  • How greatly it reduces and distorts the soundscape’s size, shape, depth and dimensionality
  • How much it decreases the resulting value of their entertainment experience.

They do not realize how large of a void it leaves in the surrounding soundscape and what content they are missing until they experience the same sounds authentically reproduced around them in a real physical space.

This is what the TigerFox Immerse 360 does.

TigerFox delivers the authentic experience of full three-dimensional live sound

With the TigerFox pure acoustic Immerse 360, each sound is individually spatially suspended and authentically experienced in its own real physical space.

Exactly like sounds are experienced in our real three-dimensional physical world and exactly in the location they were positioned into the content by the actual event and sound engineer.

1. Physically real sound locations

The patented Immerse 360 delivers sounds from physically-real locations exactly positioned in a real space around the listener like real-world live sounds are.

The Immerse 360’s pure acoustic design does this by:

  • Employing acoustically-perfect time-domain elliptical physics (first time in the history of audio).
  • Simultaneously correcting 5 serious electronic sound reproduction problems.
  • Using high-precision musical instrument soundboard technology.
  • Seamlessly integrating pure acoustic delivered audio with modern sound reproduction electronics without needing upgrades, alternations, or added costs.

Specifically how the Immerse 360 uses pure acoustics to do this is explained in Principle #2 on our “How Is This Possible? page.

The result gives the green light to the brain to accept belief in these virtually reproduced video game, music and movie sounds by automatically positioning their sounds like live sound physically around the listener in a live three-dimensional space in real time.

2. Like natural sounds experienced in the real world

The Immerse 360 delivers a real-life natural-hearing experience in three real dimensions around the listener, like nature intended us to experience the world.

  • Sounds heard with the Immerse 360 are heard from the wide expanse of free, open and natural air space around the user.
  • This is exactly like real sounds are naturally experienced in the real three-dimensional world and as nature intended sounds to be heard by our two human ears.
  • The experience of live sound is increased because loudspeaker-created Immerse 360 sounds (unlike electronic headphone sounds and those created within enclosed speaker devices) are allowed to naturally “bloom” and develop in the open space without being physically confined within an cup or unnaturally restricted within a micro space.
full-surround real-life hearing is the best there is!

The Immerse 360 uses “total body” natural open-space hearing.

The audio and emotional experience differences between headphones and the Immerse 360 are immediately obvious, sizable and a level of sonic truth apart.

To learn more about how TigerFox delivers it pure acoustic experience, see Principle #2 on the “How Is This Possible?” page on this website.

3. Full-surround total immersion experience

What full surround “total body” immersion delivers to video gamers, music and movie lovers

  • Completely unlike headphones and other technologies, the patented Immerse 360’s pure acoustic sound distribution technology naturally spreads out and powerfully delivers sounds and sound objects in a real three-dimensional space physically around the user’s whole body in the same way that real-life hearing and nature do.
  • Sounds, sound objects and audible nuances can be clearly heard, authentically-positioned and physically-experienced in a natural way from virtually every real direction, distance and angle around the listener.

4. Natural real-life hearing

In this critical way, the TigerFox Immerse 360 technology doesn’t try to replicate natural real-life hearing, as with conventional headphones and surround sound systems, the Immerse 360 technology actually IS full-surround natural real-life hearing.

real-life hearing is the best there is!

The Immerse 360 actually IS full-surround natural real-life hearing.

“Headphone only” and special content work with the Immerse 360.

TigerFox’s acoustic-based technology and its full-surround three-dimensional sound positioning design permits it to work with special audio formats and content that were previously restricted to being experienced exclusively through head worn devices like headphones

  • “Headphone only” three-dimensional sounds are able to be immediately experienced in natural full-surround three-dimensions by all Immerse 360 users without headphones or requiring any head worn audio electronics.
  • Surround sounds in all formats experienced by Immerse 360 are accurately physically positioned around the user at their individual locations in three full dimensions using only two conventional loudspeakers, without needing any different or special content.
  • For example, the Immerse 360 works perfectly with and is immediately compatible with 3D Audio; Spatial Audio; 3D Positional Audio; Immersive 3D Audio; Hi-Res Audio; Next-Generation Audio; platform, console and PC game  audio; and other conventional and special audio experienced through headphones.


The Immerse 360’s pure acoustic result delivers virtually all game, music and movie sounds to your brain in a physically-real, genuine and truthful live sound way.

They stay attached in a natural way to the specific individual locations of their respective sound sources – clearly able to be heard from their exact respective locations, arriving for example from virtually any physical:

  • Direction around you
  • Distance from you
  • Angle or height above or below you
  • Movement position, direction, or speed around you
  • Including from directly in front and physically straight behind you.

All using only two conventional speakers without any content or playback updates, alterations or added costs.

The pure acoustic Immerse 360 delivers music, video game and movie sounds to you with:

  • No faked positioning of sounds and sound images.
  • No physical positioning restriction of sounds or sound objects.
  • No artificial attachment of sounds to (your / one’s) ears, head, or close to (your / one’s) body.
  • No imaginary-positioned sounds, no “phantom” or “brain trick” sounds, and no psycho-acoustic positioned sounds that reduce (often substantially) the credibility of (your / one’s) game, music and movie  experience.

The Immerse 360 result outperforms even professional audiophile headphones

  • Sounds, sound nuances, ambient sound cues and the entire surrounding soundscape of one’s games, music and movies are now clearly and authentically heard and realistically-positioned in a spatially-real space around the listener like live sounds as originally positioned by the content creator.
  • This level of precision and authentic realism reveals sounds, notes and nuances lost by other technologies – including some not known to exist before even in one’s very familiar content.
  • And, unlike sounds produced by headphones, this also allows Immerse 360 sounds to be fluidly positioned anywhere physically around the listener.

This includes sounds delivered from a virtually unlimited number of physically-real individual video game, music and movie sound point, directional and three-dimensional locations.

As reported by acoustic experts beta-testing the Immerse 360, sounds experienced  with the Immerse 360 are authentically experienced and have no difficulty passing the live sound credibility test.

In addition to passing the live sound credibility test, the Immerse 360 adds high-performance realism, sound positioning accuracy and authentic three-dimensional immersion to video games, music and movies that’s beyond what headphones and other acoustic technologies can physically deliver. 

Experience the TigerFox® Immerse 360® For Yourself

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