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“. . . the pod performed exactly as claimed, immersing me in a curious, wrap-around soundfield that was equally fun and fascinating.”

“I got a chance to listen to it, and with Dolby Atmos surround music tracks, it gives you the impression that there are speakers all around you.”

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This Thing Blew My Mind!

Jay’s Audio Lab

Like a $100,000 listening room. I Want One!

Ingo Schulz, Owner of Fidelity Magazine

Unbelievable Accuracy

Mick S, Gamer and Music Producer

An Extraordinary Product

Al Shrago, Audiophile Expert

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  1. TF

    Verified Buyer Music Review

    Sound Quality ★★★★★ Sound Positioning ★★★★★ Immersion ★★★★★ Ease of Use ★★★★★
    I’m absolutely impressed with the product. YOU HAVE TO GET IN IT!
    You have to get in it because it’s an experiential product. You can’t look at it and imagine what it sounds like. You actually have to be a participant in
    that sound in order to understand what it does. Because the experience of listening in TigerFox is an experience you can’t replicate through anything else. It’s the way it was intended to be heard, but you’ve never really heard it this clean and exact before.
    What is done for me, it’s forced me to get away from everything else in life and go and really truly, like LISTEN to what musicians are doing.

    It’s crazy good in the TigerFox. You can’t really describe it. It feels like you’re IN
    the session WITH them. For example, I like to listen to live studio stuff like recorded by Miles Davis (Kind of Blue), Thelonious Monk, Grateful Dead, Fish, Wilco, Radiohead, Jimmy Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland, etc. The best way I can describe the experience – its like listening to your favorite album for the first time. Because you’ve never heard it in this enhanced way before.
    It’s like the difference between an analog and a 4K movie. There’s such a big the enhanced difference in quality that you can’t really describe it.
    You feel like you’re part of the studio and you can pick out each separate instrument around you. I often get to feeling that I’m there and I get a feeling for how it’s separated onstage.
    In the Grateful Dead, for example, I can point out to you exactly where Garcia’s vocals are, where Phil Lesh’s bass guitar is, where Bob Weir is, where the drummer is and where the keyboards are coming in. I’m able to separate out – actually, the product separates out – each specific instrument. So if I just want to listen to the baseline, it’s really easy to concentrate on just that.
    And, it’s a fun toy to have in the house. When people come over, we end up spending hours pushing it to the limits. But, you have to get people in it, you can’t just look at it and imagine what it sounds like.
    Image #1 from Todd F.
    Image #2 from Todd F.
  2. BT

    Verified Professional Live Music Venue Coordinator
    Sound Quality ★★★★★ Sound Positioning ★★★★★ Immersion ★★★★★
    Better Than a Live Music Experience.
    Compared to my best live music experience, on a 0 to 10 scale, this is a 10 plus 1. This is as close to having live music in your home … you get the same orientation and interaction experience as a live music experience, without having to get a bad table.
    This experience is what going to live music is for me.
    This is very much a live music experience. You can pick out – the bass is here, drums are here, this instrument is there.
    You have all the best sound quality, the depth, the orientation, the full appreciation of vocals and instruments, without the distraction of the background noise of other people at other tables, etc.
    The best live music experience I can think of is on par with what you’re getting here. Especially when the speakers are moved-in to the close-in pure audio position, it’s even a step better.

    Image #1 from Brad T.
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