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“. . . the pod performed exactly as claimed, immersing me in a curious, wrap-around soundfield that was equally fun and fascinating.”

“I got a chance to listen to it, and with Dolby Atmos surround music tracks, it gives you the impression that there are speakers all around you.”

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This Thing Blew My Mind!

Jay’s Audio Lab

Like a $100,000 listening room. I Want One!

Ingo Schulz, Owner of Fidelity Magazine

Unbelievable Accuracy

Mick S, Gamer and Music Producer

An Extraordinary Product

Al Shrago, Audiophile Expert

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  1. Verified Buyer
    Sound Quality ★★★★★ Sound Positioning ★★★★★ Immersion ★★★★★
    By far, the most amazing listening experience I’ve ever had!
    When you sit inside the enclosure with speakers aimed at the inside, you hear the sounds of different instruments and voices from the locations of the associated microphones as they were recorded. You hear sounds coming from in front, from the sides, and even from in back of you.
    It’s an incredible music experience. I’ve never heard anything even close.

    You experience the music as though you’re right in the middle of it – totally accurate surround sound using only two speakers.
    Through an application of mathematics and the physics of sound, the inventor of the Immerse 360 determined a configuration and developed an enclosure that recreates the original relative locations of sound sources.
    The TigerFox Immerse 360 is absolutely inspired! So simple in appearance. So complex in design. So effective in function. It is, by far, the most amazing listening experience I’ve ever had!
    Image #1 from Roger A.
  2. Verified Serious Video Gamer, with Music Comment
    Sound Quality ★★★★★ Sound Positioning ★★★★★ Immersion ★★★★★
    Crazy. I can hear ALL the sounds and EXACTLY where each one is.
    Video Gaming: I can definitely hear all the sounds and exactly where each one is around me – without even looking at the game. I can definitely hear more of the actual game – all of the intricacies. Where, with headphones, I can kind of estimate where things are. With this, I definitely know where things are. Definitely a lot more immersive.
    With my headphones, definitely a lot less immersive. Sound quality is a lot lower.
    Music: Wow, it’s crazy, I feel like I am there. All the intricacies of the song sweep around you.

    A lot more information you’re getting with TigerFox. I can definitely know where the person is without guessing. With headphones – he’s about there. With TigerFox – he’s right there – on the second floor. Where, with Headphones, he’s somewhere above you.
    I’d rate headphones at 6 on a 0 to 10 point scale. And the TigerFox a 9 to 10 as I can definitely hear a lot more and a lot more of the sound and where it’s actually coming from.
    This system provides the feeling of “I’m on the basketball court” or “I’m in the trench”. It provides the feeling of a lot more. This is really cool.
    Image #1 from Webster G
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